Jose Berrios’ Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches from the All-Star Game

Donny Moskovits reviews the nastiest pitches from Tuesday's All-Star Game, including Jose Berrios' curveball, Luis Castillo's changeup, and Jacob deGrom's slider.

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Jose Berrios’ Curveball


The stars were truly out last night, folks. There may have only been one game last night, but there was certainly no shortage of nasty offerings. Let’s start this special All-Star edition of Nastiest Pitches with a completely absurd curveball that Jose Berrios threw right by Ronald Acuña.


Masahiro Tanaka’s Changeup


In his second All-Star appearance, Masahiro Tanaka was tasked with facing Cody Bellinger in his first at-bat. Most pitchers might cower in the face of the hottest hitter in baseball not named Mike Trout, but Tanaka didn’t, and he won the matchup using a vicious changeup against the Dodgers slugger.


Jacob deGrom’s Slider


Although Jacob deGrom didn’t put up quite the performance he did in 2015’s game, when he struck out the side on 10 pitches, the Mets ace showed why he’s so dominant. He pitched a perfect inning in which he struck out Astros center fielder George Springer on a beautiful 94 mph slider.


Justin Verlander’s Curveball


In what was probably the most entertaining at-bat I’ve seen in any game this season, Freddie Freeman was mic’d up and talking to Joe Buck from the batter’s box. Freeman warned Justin Verlander that the booth would send Gary Sanchez’s signals down to him, but I guess that didn’t faze the former MVP. Verlander struck out Freeman looking in a sequence that included this filthy curve.


Luis Castillo’s Changeup


Luis Castillo was on fire last night as he pitched a perfect bottom of the fourth. The Cincinnati ace was dealing with his killer changeup, which he used here to fool Red Sox slugger J.D. Martinez. 


Shane Bieber’s Slider


Shane Bieber was electric in his All-Star debut, striking out the side in order on his home field and ultimately winning the game’s MVP award. Bieber made quick work of the bottom half of the lineup, thanks in part to this filthy slider that fooled fellow first-time All-Star Ketel Marte (slo-mo courtesy of the one and only Nick Pollack).


Jose Berrios’ Two-Seam Fastball


Let’s check out some more filth from Jose Berrios, and this time, we’re going to show off his two-seamer. Christian Yelich was frozen at the plate on this stunning pitch that is placed perfectly on the outside corner. Once again, Nick comes through with the slo-mo GIF so that we can all marvel at the beautiful spin on this one.


Aroldis Chapman’s Slider


Wrapping things up in the ninth was Yankees closer Aroldis ChapmanChapman threw a perfect inning to end the ballgame as he struck out the side in order. Although he’s best known for his heater, Chapman’s slider is the one that made the last out of the night, on a pitch down and away to Yasmani Grandal.


GIF of the Night


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Donny Moskovits

Donny currently studies Financial Mathematics at Baruch College. He writes nastiest pitches articles here at Pitcher List, and is a die hard Mets fan whose optimism can only be described as unbridled.

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  1. sock says:

    Berrios’ two seamer looked like it ricocheted off something half way to the plate.

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