Julio Urias’ Slider and the Nastiest Pitches from 4/18

Julio Urias' Slider and Changeup, and a couple other high level pitching prospects, lead the Nastiest Pitches from 4/18

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Julio Urias’ Slider




Julio Urias seems like he’s been a top prospect for his whole life, but it’s only since about 15 years old. Urias seems to be turning the prospect page and moving toward top-line starter. If Urias can stay healthy and pitch deeper into games he has all the tools to make the jump. This slider to Jesus Aguilar is perfect spotted and leaves Aguilar terribly off balance.


Julio Urias’ Changeup




Urias didn’t have just his slider working last night. He showed great command of his fastball and great drop on his changeup. Urias’ change of pace offering to the first batter of the game, Lorenzo Cain, was a great way to start his night.


Michael Soroka’s Slider




Michael Soroka doesn’t always know where the ball is going, but he knows he can miss bats anyway. Soroka showed flashes of his fully realized self like sharp slider to finish Christian Walker.


Domingo German’s Curveball




Domingo German showed the full German experience last night against the Royals. German had nine strikeouts but also allowed multiple home runs when he missed with his pitches. German primarily used his curveball to finish hitters, including this sharp one to Martin Maldonado that caused him to lose grasp of his bat.


Drew Pomeranz’s Curveball




Drew Pomeranz is looking to move on from a horrendous 2018 and show he can be an effective option and maybe move to a contender before the trade deadline. Pomeranz used his signature nose-to-toes curveball to retire Ryan Zimmerman with the bases loaded.


Kyle Freeland’s Slider




Kyle Freeland used this breaking ball to get Rhys Hoskins out in front for the swinging strikeout. The announcers seemed to think the pitch might be a rarely used curveball from Freeland, but the speed lines up with his slider. Either way, Freeland’s stuff was dirty last night against a formative Phillies lineup. His hesitation at the top of his windup must be maddening to hitters.


Yoshihisa Hirano’s Splitter




Yoshihisa Hirano doesn’t beat hitters with velocity. Hirano beats hitters with command of his fastball and a split-fingered changeup that drops off the table. Tyler Flowers was left reaching after the big drop on this pitch.


Luke Weaver’s Changeup




Luke Weaver has 17 strikeouts in his past two starts of 12.1 innings total. Weaver’s fastball is quite straight, but when he spots it up in the zone, it allows his changeup to shine. Ozzie Albies was victimized by Weaver’s changeup twice last night.


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