Ke’Bryan Hayes’ Big Night And 4 Fun Things From Tuesday

Check out all the exciting and fun action from Tuesday's games.

Another great day of baseball! After the hectic day we had Monday with the Trade Deadline, Tuesday was a lot calmer, but fun nonetheless. We had an unforgettable MLB debut, a blowout, and some social media mishaps. Let’s check it out!


Ke’Bryan Hayes’ Debut

Ke’Bryan Hayes made his major league debut for the Pirates today. Hayes was the number two prospect in the Pirates system, the third-best third base prospect in baseball, and the number 44 overall prospect, according to Hayes started for Pittsburgh and hit seventh. He went two-for-five on the day, scoring three runs, driving in two, and collecting the first extra-base hits of his career. Here’s the first, his first major league hit:

His second hit came down one run in the eighth inning on an 0-2 count:

His first career homer tied the game for the Pirates in a game they would eventually lose in extras, but it was a huge hit nevertheless and one he’ll never forget. Congrats, Ke’Bryan.


Pirates Twitter Had Some Fun

Along with Ke’Bryan Hayes, the Pirates Twitter account had a big night.

As many are aware, when people on Twitter are mad at their team, they will take it out on the team account, which has nothing to do with the team and the decisions that they make. But people still do it. So, when Ke’Bryan Hayes was called up, they had some fun with it:

They also had a little fun with the Brewers account, After the Brewers lost, they tweeted out the score, but instead of the Tigers logo, they put the Pirates logo. So, the Pirates account decided they would help them out a bit:

The Pirates account is surging its way into the upper echelon of baseball Twitter accounts.


Joe West & Freddie Freeman Talk

When you think of Freddie Freeman, you think great hitter and all-star first baseman. You don’t exactly think ’speed demon.’ But apparently, Joe West does? In a pickoff attempt in the fifth inning, Freeman got back to the base and turned to West, and they had this brief conversation:

As great as Freeman is on the plate, I’m going to have to disagree with Joe here. According to Statcast Running Splits, Freddie Freeman ranks 317th in baseball with a 4.12 90-foot sprint. He’s around guys such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Matt Duffy, and Jose Martinez. He can do a lot of things, but running isn’t one of them.

Gio Urshela Goes Swimming 

We’ve seen a lot of both great and poor base running and sliding. Tonight, we got some very fun sliding from Gio Urshela. Urshela hit a double which was misplayed, and he would eventually score. The play at the plate was very close and it took some nifty sliding from Urshela to score the run. Take a look:

Plays at the plate that are this close are some of the most exciting plays in baseball. Urshela came in with a nifty swim move to avoid the tag and get his hand in there just in time.


Cash’s Weird Ejection 

In Tuesday’s Yankees-Rays game, an Aroldis Chapman pitch nearly hit Mike Brosseau in the head, which then caused the benches to clear after the game was over and the two were chirping at each other.

Now, even though the game was over, Cash was still ejected. How many times has that happened? It can’t be a lot.

Oh, and this little tussle gave us one of the better gifs of the season. The relievers ran out from the bullpen, in a group, and not exactly in a hurry.

Hustle it up, guys!

Enjoy your Wednesday, here’s to another good day of ball.

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