Lorenzo Cain is a Genius and 5 Awesome Things from Saturday

Oh dear, that botched rundown plus a stylish reliever brings some cool!

So, the first full slate of games on Friday quickly reminded me why baseball is awesome! Did we really survive without it for this long? We deserve a medal. What we got instead was a “Super Saturday” of games that delivered a smorgasbord of all that we love about baseball. Yes, the opening weekend kicked off with a bang, here are the best moments from Saturday’s matchups:


The best worst rundown from the Cubs…again


On 12th June 2018, Lorenzo Cain made a mockery of the Chicago Cubs infield as he, and teammate Christian Yelich were caught in a rundown at a key moment in the game. The play resulted in LoCain running all the way to 2nd base then back to 1st base as a myriad of Cubs chased Yelich all the way back to 2nd base without tagging him or throwing the ball to the 2nd baseman to get the out. We laughed, the Cubs despaired. Well, it happened again. And, this time LoCain even had the time to provide instruction to teammate Ben Gamel (who, after the runaround, had found himself approaching 2nd base at the same time as LoCain) to return to 1st base.

It was shambolic. And to emphasize this our friend here at Pitcher List, Alex Fast set the entire play to Yakety Sax. Enjoy!

LoCain has now firmly secured himself a career as a baserunning coach once his playing days are over, and it is safe to say the Brewers are doing everything they can to keep everybody safe! Baseball Twitter jumped on the hype and this sensational dissection of the play by Sarah Langs (@SlangsOnSports) is well worthy of a closer look.

It was all smiles for the Brewers at Wrigley Field as they ran out 8-3 winners with LoCain going 3-for-4 with 2 runs and an RBI. Hat’s off to you, sir.


Michael Lorenzen is cooler than you. Fact.


Bryce Harper stole the show yesterday with his ode to the Phillie Phanatic, but Cincinnati Reds reliever Michael Lorenzen wasted no time in calling Harper and raising him by another level of cool. Featuring some seriously stylish black and white Vans, Lorenzen made the baseball world swoon and reach straight for their phone to find out where to buy these custom kicks.

Lorenzen entered the game in the bottom of the 7th inning, with the Reds ahead against the Tigers 3-2. He was called upon to clean up the mess left by Robert Stephenson, with a runner on 1st base and the dangerous Jonathan Schoop (wait, did I just write that) in the hitter’s box. To be fair, Schoop was 3-3 on the day. The California native disposed of Schoop but that brought up the once and was Miguel Cabrera. What happened next was…er…not cool.


MLB At Bat Closed Captions clearly went out last night


Now, I cannot say that I have ever watched a game with Closed Captions. And, after seeing the current state of play on the MLB At Bat app, I am not sure I ever want to. It may seriously affect my fantasy baseball drafts. I mean, I don’t want to draft Yoenis Cesspits, I want to draft Yoenis Céspedes, don’t I?!

Someone clearly had a few too many last night!

My next task is to see whether they have actually got the correct captions on the “MLB Flashbacks” clips because I know them all off by heart. I say them in my sleep!


Air Jordan? Nope, that’s Miguel Rojas


For those of you that are experiencing withdrawal symptoms after watching the phenomenal The Last Dance documentary series on Michael Jordan, may I present to you for your viewing pleasure Miami Marlins shortstop Miguel Rojas.


We all need Marcus Semien’s crab stretch in our lives


As we all know the rules and protocols caused by this global pandemic thing we are all lamenting have made way for spacious ballparks with lots of extra room in which the players can utilize to stay safe and better prepare themselves for the game. Oakland A’s shortstop Marcus Semien did exactly that in the dugout last night.


Aussie Aussie Aussie


Oi! Oi! Oi! A popular chant here Down Under! Yes, don’t forget I am on Melbourne time so greetings from the future.

The Australian Baseball League has been thriving in recent years and provides a…let’s say…interesting alternative to aspiring minor leaguers who head to the more popular winter leagues in the Dominican and Venezuela. Yesterday, it also provided the 19,711th player in MLB history and the 32nd Australian: Aaron Whitefield. G’day Mate!

I couldn’t let this rare opportunity for an Aussie to debut in Major League Baseball pass by without an honorable mention here. The Adelaide Giants Baseball Club also gave him the nod.

Featured image source: https://twitter.com/ForTheWin/status/1287145661020938243

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