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An exciting Friday filled with triple plays, tributes & ...Jonny Gomes?

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Today’s Headlines

Martín Owns ‘Stros


Is it safe to say that Martín Pérez enjoys pitching against the Astros this season? Fresh off of his almost perfect game last month in Houston, he took a no-hitter into the middle of the game with a reduced pitch count.

He didn’t get the no-hitter on this night either, but he gave the Rangers their first complete game of 2022—a shutout and a much-needed night off for a tired bullpen.

Most impressive was the efficiency displayed, which made the decision easy to allow him to go for the complete game bid in the first place.




Gorman Golden in MLB Debut


Cardinals fans got the news they have been waiting for all season. Impressing on the farm, they wanted their guy to get the call. Nolan Gorman was getting his shot with the big league squad, and he did not disappoint.

Nolan Gorman took the field and went 1-for-3 with a run scored and worked a walk in his season debut. We got a chance to see him at second base, and he may be a staple in that St. Louis lineup for years to come if everyone in that front office has their way.


Fergie Honored in Windy City


Chicago is a great sports city. Fans, both young and old, all hold reverence for those who have played well in their city. This honoring ceremony was long overdue for Fergie Jenkins. He is touted as the best pitcher in Chicago Cubs history, and that is not hyperbole if you start to pore over the numbers.

Just the amount of innings amassed on his right arm is enough to turn your head. He truly is a living legend of a bygone era when pitchers just lived for that day without eyes towards saving some juice for the future.

Remarkably, it took this long to have this honor bestowed on Fergie Jenkins, but as baseball fans, we are just happy it has happened. Too often, we see players honored after they are gone. Thankfully, his family got to enjoy a well-deserved tribute outside of the ballpark, where he made so many beautiful memories. Here’s to many more healthy years for Fergie.

Fergie Jenkins played a fruitful 19 years in the bigs and complied 284 wins with a staggering 267 complete games mixed into those wins. To add to those jaw-dropping numbers, he touts 3,192 strikeouts in his career.

As far as being honored by the North Sider squad, if you needed more of his resume: Fergie Jenkins is their all-time strikeout leader with 2,038, which is a number that is unlikely to ever be topped.

The 1991 inductee into Cooperstown can also show off his 1971 National League Cy Young award to go with his statue that will stand the test of time.

Truly A living legend. Congrats, Mr. Jenkins!




Best Moments From Yesterday


Going, Going…Gomes?


It has been a subpar start to the Red Sox season, but sometimes all it takes is a spark to wake a sleeping giant. Trevor Story’s three-homer game on Thursday may have been the initial jolt, but the moment created between past, and present Red Sox brethren might have woken them up for good.

What are the chances that Trevor Story’s grand slam would be lifted over the Green Monster and caught by a 2013 World Series legend, Jonny Gomes?

It was hard to tell who was more excited, but this is the type of moment that can jump-start a season, and Boston has needed a kick start since Opening Day.



Nats turn 3


The Washington Nationals turned a triple play for only the second time in franchise history. The combination of Maikel Franco, César Hernández, and Josh Bell left the fans speechless when they were able to turn a stunning 5-4-3 triple play in the seventh inning of Friday’s loss against the Brewers.

The most impressive part about the play is how routine they truly made it look! Adding to the impressiveness is the complexity of the moment and how intertwined baseball players are with its history at times.

Franco and Hernández have also been a part of another 5-4-3 triple play while playing for the Phillies back in 2016. Josh Bell was a newbie for the group replacing Tommy Joseph, who helped them last achieve the accomplishment on August 7, 2016, against the Padres.

Maikel and César are bonded for life, completing two triple plays in two different uniforms together. Elias has to have a stat about how often that has happened before, if ever.


Odor Ends 15 Game Slide


It’s been three years in the making.

The Orioles have finally beaten the Tampa Bay Rays after going 0 out of their last 15 attempts on the back of a walk-off home run from Rougned Odor.

For a second there, we got a glimmer of the park that Camden Yards could be when exciting baseball is fielded for them. The sparse crowd certainly had a great time watching their O’s win in an exhilarating fashion. The fans in Baltimore just want something, anything to cheer for.

This is Baltimore’s second walk-off in as many days as they just finished doing the deed to the Yankees, who were on their way out of town. Exciting week in Birdland indeed.



Rojas Hits 3 Bombs


Who said the offense was down? Going into Friday’s game, Josh Rojas had a total of 0 home runs, and he went out to add three to his name.

Rojas made the Cubs pay for some subpar pitching ironically on a day when they honored the greatest pitcher in franchise history, Fergie Jenkins. Baseball can be so poetic sometimes.

As the weather gets warmer in different ballparks, we can expect to see the balls flying out with a little more frequency. Everyone get strapped in.






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