MLB News & Moments You Should Know – 5/7

Rain soaked Friday still packs a huge punch despite postponed games

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Today’s Headlines

Rain, Rain Go Away


It’s never fun when a top headline has to do with weather, but here we are. It is hard to ignore that rain played a huge part in the story of baseball on Friday, May 6th. Rainouts are usually best left in April, and all we can do is hope to move further away from inclement weather as the days tick off of the calendar.

The majority of the squads have already rescheduled Friday’s washed-out games as doubleheaders this weekend. A scheduling nightmare has me picturing Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia during his stint in the mailroom.

Give credit where it’s due. Those schedule makers do not nearly get enough credit for shifting in real-time. It’s like Sudoku turned up to level 10,000.


Royce Rolls to First MLB Hit


Welcome to the big league’s Royce Lewis. It had to wait two years to happen, but it has been worth the wait. The pandemic and injury issues prevented Royce Lewis from getting this moment sooner, but there’s no better time than the present. The former number 1 pick in the 2017 draft was called up to make his major league debut to replace the injured Carlos Correa at shortstop and capitalized with his first hit.


Ronald Even Looks Cool Falling


During his at-bat in the 4th inning against the Brewers on Friday, Ronald Acuña Jr. lost his balance and took a spill while his swing was in motion. You’d figure most players would dust themselves off and get ready to jump back into the box for the next pitch. Not Acuña.

This once-in-a-lifetime talent made contact with the ball and was still able to send the ball into orbit. He hit a humongous home run to the furthest part of center field. When measured, the official distance was 450 feet. Just an unbelievable feat that has to be seen to be believed.


Best Moments From Yesterday


Kelenic Me Softly


What a moment in Seattle. If you stayed up late watching baseball last night, you were in for a treat watching Jarred Kelenic connect on a pinch-hit go-ahead home run in the bottom of the 8th. Seattle has been dubbed an electric factory, and the fans create an atmosphere unlike any in the big leagues.

We certainly got a taste of it during their push for the playoffs that ultimately fell short in 2021, and we saw more of the same tonight. You can feel the passion in the highlights from the fans, the players, and the announcers. What a moment for Jarred Kelenic, who has had his fair share of struggles since his call-up.

Here’s hoping this starts a stretch where he can build on this moment with a comfortability at the plate. No more pressing. This home run could be that release he needed to just relax at the plate.


The Ageless Ichiro


Ichiro Suzuki took some batting practice today pregame, and it shouldn’t look this natural. But it does. He’s been out of baseball for the better part of three seasons now, but he looks like he could shag some fly balls out in the misty air in Seattle and still launch a few balls while he’s at it. A handful of players could make the news by taking batting practice, and Ichiro is one of them.



Life Replicates Art


Even when he’s not trying, Shohei Ohtani is an icon. Maybe he is summoning his powers a few days late from a certain Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe. It may be the way to explain just how good he’s been. I think it’s time to retire the Kermit meme and replace it with Shohei from here on out.


Camera Plays Tricks


Camera work is everything, and it certainly plays a big part in bringing the game straight into our living room. This moment made it so obvious how much control the cameras have over how we perceive what is happening on the field. As avid viewers, we take for granted how often the people working the camera get it right. They get it right so often that it takes a moment like this to realize it.

I suppose the thinking on Manfred’s end is: If you can’t increase the offense leaguewide organically, why not just make the camera pretend some balls go out? The only thing missing from this was John Sterling on the call—then we’d have a real party on our hands.


MLB Debut is a Tall Order


The beautiful thing about baseball is that players come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one set body type that is conducive to the optimal level of success in the league. But that does not mean we can’t marvel at the difference height can make on the mound.

Everything about Sean Hjelle’s debut for the San Francisco Giants was fascinating. He went 1.0 inning, throwing 11 pitches and 7 for strikes. His strikeout impressed fans at home and in the stadium and also was a topic of discussion in the post-game.

For science, we need Jose Altuve in the batter’s box vs. Sean Hjelle. It might replace that now-famous picture of Aaron Judge and Altuve standing at second base.





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  1. Nick C says:

    The camera work has been awful. For fans that can’t tell when homers are going out of the park based off the sounds of the bat they are definitely being tormented seeing high flys land in the gloves of the outfielders. Ichiro taking bp is something I hope to see every year!

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