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Yan's A Runner, Yan's A Track Star

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Today’s Headlines

Hey, Abbott!

Listen, we both know that Corbin Carroll is the NL Rookie Of The Year, but I’m just going to say that Andrew Abbott is also doing a pretty bang-up job.

That lowers his season ERA to 2.10, and I think he’s such an interesting case:

He throws that fastball roughly 50% of the time to very good results thus far even though it doesn’t grade out particularly well by PLV or Stuff+, but he definitely has a plus slider and curveball, and he’s making it work for sure. He’s got a FIP of 4.08 of but an xERA of only 3.62, so I guess as long as you believe xStats more than FIP he figures to regress to a still above-average arm.

Oh, and lest you think we were going to get through a Reds highlight moment without Elly De La Cruz showing up? You know better than that.


sOle Possession 

Ok so I wrote about how the O’s were in first place in the AL East last night but that was only a tie for first place. Now it’s like, really first place after a 4-3 victory over the Rays. Like, alone in first place type of first place stuff.

It may be worth noting that the O’s still have six players in MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects list who aren’t with the big league team, so they could be in for some big trades to get even better before the summer’s out. Bird Bath attendees are gonna be soaked.


Best Moments From Yesterday


Double Triple

Yan Gomes has 24th percentile sprint speed.

It’s actually the fifth two-triple game of the 2023 season as a whole, but Gomes is the first Cub to do it since…Willson Contreras? What are they putting in the catchers’ water over there?

Also, prior to Thursday, Gomes had a total of eight triples in his entire career. Pretty cool to add 20% of your new career total of something in a single night.

Mr. 1500

Originally I was going to title this one “MD for XB” but I don’t think anybody calls Xander Bogaerts “XB” and I feel like there’s a vanishingly small number of people who know what “1500” is in Roman numerals.

Well anyway, X got his 1500th career hit yesterday up in Toronto:

Mr. 100

Bogaerts’ bat wasn’t enough to get the Padres a dub, however, as the Blue Jays shut them out 4-0, netting manager John Schneider a century of wins.

May I Have This Dance?

And with that win, it also meant that Jays rookie Jordan Luplow got to put on his dancing shoes under the tutelage of Kevin Kiermaier.

But Luplow wasn’t the only rookie who got to cut a rug out in the OF for the first time, as Seattle took down the Twins 5-0 and Cade Marlowe got to get low

The Known Unknowns





Ryan Noda is looking at a 3-week timeline for his broken jaw. Not sure if that’s 3 weeks to be back in games, or until he can start baseball activities again, though.

Tommy Pham felt his groin “tighten up” on him Thursday and may end up on the IL.

Starling Marte is on the IL (retroactive to July 17) with migraine issues.

Jarred Kelenic broke his foot kicking a cooler following a strikeout on Wednesday night. Not sure of the timeline currently.


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