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A Big Night For Brotherly Love

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Today’s Headlines


Michael No-No-renzen

Ok, I may have just found my limit. Probably not though.

That’s three no-hitters (one combined) and a perfect game so far this season. Wild. And at 124 pitches (a new career high) Michael Lorenzen’s no-no last night is the one that took the most pitches to get through. That’s a heck of a way to introduce yourself in your first post-trade home start, especially since his wife, child, and mother were all there to watch.

I feel like we as baseball fans don’t respect how wild Lorenzen’s career has been. He was a two-way player for a minute there! (53 wRC+ so uhhhhh, let’s move along) In 2018 his batting line as a pitcher was .290/.333/.710!

And he’s got incredible taste in footwear for history!

Lorenzen probably isn’t a name that people would have picked to throw a no-no, but it turns out, it was kind of inevitable for him:

I think I’ve found a new market inefficiency for pitching…

But it wasn’t just MikeLo making memories on Wednesday, as the game got started with a bang thanks to rookie Weston Wilson

Wilson is the first Phillie to homer in his first AB since Marlon Anderson did it back in 1998, and as far as distance on said first AB homers go, he’s second only to Aaron Judge. Decent company for that sort of thing.

Oh yeah, another guy on the Phils hit a pair of dingers, making it an even 200 on the career. And nothing bad happened?!

Emergin’ Hancock

Ok, yeah, that Lorenzen pun definitely wasn’t my worst.

Another 2023 Wednesday, another 2023 rookie SP debut! This time it was Seattle’s #4 prospect, Emerson Hancock:

His first big league strikeout came early on when he took down Fernando Tatis Jr. on three pitches, and he put up some highlight-reel action of his own, too!

Hancock leaned on his low-mid 90s sinker heavily, throwing it 51 times, while also mixing in a cutter (21 thrown) and changeup (17 thrown) to round things out. Overall, good for a 26% CSW rate. Nick’s got you covered with more notes in the Roundup, as usual.

But wait! In a nice piece of bi-coastal symmetry, the M’s win also featured a majestic dinger, courtesy of Cal Raleigh:



Alone At Seven

The Astros took down the O’s 8-2, and manager Dusty Baker moved up a spot on the all-time managerial wins list, breaking his tie with Bucky Harris.

Dusty’s contract only covers this year, so we can’t say for sure if he’ll get any higher on the list, but I definitely wouldn’t be betting against it.


Best Moments From Yesterday


Lost It In The Lights

You see something new every time you watch a game of baseball. And yeah.

I’m kind of surprised those big glass globes don’t get more involved with baseball happening right next to them, but I also totally relate to Masataka Yoshida’s reaction of true, bone-deep confusion. And also folks, that’s a ground-rule double! When it bounces over the wall that’s an automatic double!

La Pantera, Over And Out

Sure, it’s just a very, very long and high strike, but that’s a heck of a send there by Luis Robert Jr. And this is all we’re going to say about the Yankees game last night. Moving on.

It’s A Runner’s Park

You wanna see the most successful field interloper since the one that actually hugged Cody Bellinger? Detroit’s got you:

The Ol’ Outside Move

I don’t think I’ve seen a guy get picked off at second with so much time that he had enough to seriously consider just running in a big loop and try to third like that. Talk about no-man’s land!

Cheese It!

Here’s your moment of zen: various members of the Brewers accepting (or not) a piece of string cheese.

Andrew Chafin’s fitting right in.




Luis Robert Jr. left last night’s game with a sprained right pinky. He’s DTD after x-rays came back negative.

J.D. Martinez got an epidural on Wednesday, Dave Roberts is still hopeful for a weekend return.

AJ Pollock is going to miss a few weeks with an oblique strain.

Donovan Solano was diagnosed with a mild MCL sprain, but no ankle damage. No timeline for a return, though.

Tyler Glasnow played catch and Cash says it’s going to be a game-time decision about him starting on Saturday.


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