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All the baseball news you need to know from Monday.


Today’s Headlines


MLBPA, MLB Fall Short on International Draft Agreement

Monday was the deadline for the MLB Player’s Association (MLBPA) and the MLB to reach an agreement on how to revise the international draft. The MLBPA announced its rejection of MLB’s final proposal with the following statement:


MLBPA’s rejection of MLB’s proposal means that the current system remains in place. Specifically, international players will continue to be signed as free agents, and the qualifying offer system will remain in place.

MLB has long sought an international draft to curb rising costs for international talent, whereas the qualifying offer system is a target for the MLBPA because it hurts the marketability of mid-level free agents.

The two sides theoretically traded proposals back and forth in the preceding days, but in reality, neither side made any concessions in the terms they set forth. The core of the issue is the need to prevent the exploitation of young talent from countries other than the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico (who are subject to the domestic draft).

Although they disagree on a solution, the MLB and MLBPA are on the same page on that point. They will continue to seek improvements to the current system outside the implementation of the draft.


MLB Receives Extension to Respond to Senate Committee

MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred received a three-day extension to respond to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Democrat Richard Durbin. The questions are related to MLB’s Antitrust Exemption and may serve to inform legislation that could curtail the benefits MLB enjoys from the exemption.

The Judiciary Committee’s letter comes on the heels of increasing scrutiny on the power the exemption provides MLB over its minor league systems. MLB is battling several lawsuits from both franchises and players intended to chip away at the league’s power. Of particular concern is the health and welfare of minor league players.

In a letter released on June 28th, the Judiciary Committee announced it intended to “seek information about how baseball’s antitrust exemption is impacting competition in the labor market for minor league ballplayers as well as the operations of minor league teams.”

The questions included in the letter, such as “Aside from baseball, do any American professional sports have a general exemption from the antitrust laws?” and “If a tailored approach, like extending the Curt Flood Act to cover minor league players, was taken, what would be the impact?” are clearly loaded.

We will see how MLB and Manfred navigate them on Friday. In the meantime, if you are curious about what would happen if MLB’s antitrust exemption were repealed, we’ve got you covered.


Best Moments From Yesterday


Jonathan India Hits First Career Grand Slam

Grand slams are always an amazing spectacle. Even more so when they’re the first of what’s likely to become a long and illustrious career, as is the case for Jonathan India. He squared up a sinker from Miami’s Zach Pop and airmailed it to left field.


Daniel Bard Charges Third

With runners on the corners and two out in the ninth, Colorado’s Daniel Bard took exception to Christian Yelich’s lead at third.


Maybe he just wanted to get a little cardio in mid-game. Bizarre as the move was, Bard got the job done. He walked Rowdy Tellez to load the bases, but Luis Urías lined out to secure the 2-0 win for the Rockies.


Baseball Defies Physics

Continuing the theme of weird baseball things that happened on Monday, here’s a reminder to be ready for even the most routine of pop-ups:



This play drove in two runs for the Phils, who went on to beat Atlanta 6-4 on the night. Let 2-time Gold Glove winner Matt Olson’s misfortune be a reminder to all of us: Baseballs do weird and fickle things.




San Diego RP MacKenzie Gore was pulled from the game against the Tigers with elbow soreness.

Tampa Bay OF Kevin Kiermaier will miss the rest of the season due to hip labrum surgery.

Rays catcher Mike Zunino needs thoracic outlet syndrome surgery and will also miss the rest of 2022.


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