Nick Pivetta’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches from Friday’s Games

Nate Watt takes a look at the five nastiest pitches from Friday's games, such as Nick Pivetta's curveball and Yusei Kikuchi's slider.

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Nick Pivetta’s Curveball


Nick Pivetta’s a name you’ve heard quite a bit if you’ve read and/or listened to Pitcher List for any length of time, and if he keeps throwing pitches like this, you’re going to continue hearing about him. Kepler could have taken a cricket bat up there and still missed like he was trying to catch flies with chopsticks.


Joe Musgrove’s Slider


Another popular name around these parts, Musgrove put on quite a show with all his offerings in this one, but this slider to Peraza most deserves the Nasty Pitch treatment. The movement here is breathtaking, and even a guy as good at making contact as Peraza couldn’t touch it in their sweetest dreams.


Tyler Glasnow’s Curveball


Glasnow clearly graduated from the Jose Alvarado School of Freezing Hitters like a Sub-Zero Fatality. Even a guy who’s been around the block as many times as Evan Longoria could only look on dumbfounded.


Jack Flaherty’s Slider


Even though it was wasted on a pitcher AB, you couldn’t ask for too much more out of a slider than what Flaherty gave us. Perfect placement? Check. Solid velocity? Check. Lots of movement? Check. Flaherty was another guy who had plenty of options today, but this pitch was far too perfect to pass up.


Yusei Kikuchi’s Slider


Fact: The Mariners made three errors today.

Also Fact: Your defense can’t mess things up for you if the hitter can’t put it in play.

Final Fact: When your slider moves like someone’s standing behind the hitter pulling it by a string, the hitter usually can’t put it in play.


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(Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

Nate Watt

Nate is a medical biller living in Spokane, WA. Interests include the Mariners, Seahawks, Hawaiian shirts, and putting off playing the unplayed games in his library to replay Earthbound and Mark of the Ninja again.

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  2. Doug B says:

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    Kikuchi’s Slider, all day long.

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