On The Corner Episode 156 – Daniel Port’s PL Mock Draft

Nick Pollack & Daniel Port discuss Daniel's draft picks in #PLmock1 including Aaron Civale, Carlos Santana, and Hector Neris.

Nick Pollack (@PitcherList) sits down with Daniel Port (@DanielJPort) to discuss his Pitcher List Mock Draft picks in Episode 156 of On The Corner. They discuss Aaron Civale, Carlos Santana, Hector Neris, and many more.

Final Draft Board for Pitcher List Mock Draft 1

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Players Mentioned:

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

2 responses to “On The Corner Episode 156 – Daniel Port’s PL Mock Draft”

  1. theKraken says:

    I think it kind of hurts that you don’t have active discussions on the public airwaves. In the Minorleagueball days, John Sickels would not even attempt to write anything other than discuss away and it was pretty decent. You can skip the narrative FG type stuff and just put something up like Game 4 Discussion. Just a suggestion, but not even clear where it would go at this point. Yes, I could go to the Discord channel but that is really too close to social media for me which is not good for anyone’s well being. How else could I maintain my cheery perspective!

    I have been saying it for over a year now and it should be clear at this point that FG is dying – you can take their share of the baseball fans if you want to. FG is just an institution at this point, but I imagine that baseball fans on the Internet are looking for a good home and I think this could be that place. What FG did wrong was their negative stance and constant bashing of tradition – they created a negative place where things got too polarized. Think of all the hate pieces about Dave Stewart for example. Good ideas stand on their own merit and don’t warrant tearing down other people and their ideas. Nor do they need a never ending sales pitch. That kind of narrow view stunted their growth. You can be excited about new things and not hate tradition – FG has a lot of hate in that community. I mention this because that has kind of become the new baseball fan in too many cases – there is a lot of motivation to demonize players and people. It seems like angry Twitter folks are in FG discussions on a daily basis for some reason – that just needs to be discouraged. I point it out because we are the local members of this community and we are the ones that can discourage it or participate in it. I can see it here too in many of the articles and content but thankfully it doesn’t grow roots which is great – this is an amazing community in that regard. I often wonder what your readership is – is there just little traffic or is this just a wonderful place? I am going with the latter. In theory we are here to exchange ideas about baseball – a game thread could be a good place for that. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to avoid a FG scenario and I don’t have it figured out – perhaps not implementing the thumbs up and down is key. That is a brilliant system in theory, but it doesn’t work out that way! Thanks for the site, Nick!

  2. Scott Chu says:

    PORT! We are still enemies. I waited SO long at 2B because I felt good about snagging Wong and you ripped my heart out. CURSE YOU.

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