Patrick Corbin’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches from 9/17

Donny Moskovits reviews the nastiest pitches from Tuesday's slate of games, including Patrick Corbin's slider, Mitch Keller's curveball, and Lance Lynn's fastball.

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Patrick Corbin’s Slider


Patrick Corbin’s slider is pretty filthy. So filthy, in fact, that last night it induced 17 swinging strikes on 41 pitches, good for a … (checks calculator) 41% swinging-strike rate! Corbin’s slider looked insane last night, and hitters barely managed contact on the pitch. It was used on eight of his 11 strikeouts, including his first of the night, a filthy lefty-on-lefty slider that sweeps past Kolten Wong’s bat.


Yu Darvish’s Two-Seamer


Next, we’re shouting out Yu Darvishwhose arsenal featured a total of seven distinct deliveries last night. Now, that must be difficult for Cubs catcher Victor Caratini, who last I checked has only five fingers with which to signal, but it’s even harder for opposing hitters, who struck out a whopping 13 times against Darvish. Here is Darvish’s sickest offering of the night, a front-door two-seamer that freezes Joey Votto.


Mitch Keller’s Curveball


Mitch Keller finally had a solid outing on the mound. He threw five innings and allowed just two earned runs while inducing seven strikeouts from opposing hitters. His curveball was responsible for four of those, including this one that just misses the bat of Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager for a swinging strike three.


Luis Severino’s Slider


So the Yankees lost Dellin Betances last night just a few hours after Luis Severino made his long-awaited season debut. But let’s not dwell on the Yanks’ injury woes. The Bronx Bombers captured win No. 99, and Sevy looked as good as always. Through four innings, he struck out four, including elite defender Andrelton Simmonswho fell victim to this sweet slider. (Shoutout to PL supporter Asher Dratel, for the catch on this one!)


Lance Lynn’s Fastball


In a good ol’ Texas duel last night, Justin Verlander was pitted against Lance Lynn. Although JV and the Astros outplayed the Rangers, Lynn held his own until he gave up a few homers late in the outing. Lynn used his four-seamer to make plenty of outs, including this 96 mph fastball that paints the corner with precision to freeze Jose Altuve.


Stephen Tarpley’s Slider


For those of you not familiar, Stephen Tarpley is a 26-year-old southpaw for the New York Yankees. Last night, Tarpley pitched 1.1 scoreless innings of relief, making each of his four outs on strikes. Tarpley still needs a lot of work on his command, but if he can hit his spots like he does here on this front-door slider, hitters will have a tough time getting to him in the future.


GIF of the Night


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