Polanco Pulverizes Pitching & the Best Bat Flips of Week 11

Along with your weekly dose of Fernando Tatis Jr. highlights.

We are back with another fresh batch of bat flips to liven your day and get you looking forward to tonight’s games! Check out all of the action from around the league last week, as players everywhere teamed up to bully pitchers with a flurry of memorable bat flips. Don’t forget to sound off in the comments below and on Twitter about your own rankings, and get ready to vote on some of the best flips of the month next week! Let’s get started.


8. Abraham Toro vs. Matt Foster



6/11/2021 — TOR @ BOS

362ft, 92.5 mph, 35° LA

Abraham Toro hit us with the rare bat roll out of the box last Thursday. It may not have been a flip in the traditional sense, as Toro busted out of the box in case Minute Maid Park contained the blast, but it was visually appealing and fun to see his bat roll out of frame like an old Chef Boyardee commercial.

Style: 7

Rotation: 270°

Roll Distance: 9


7. Max Muncy vs. Mike Foltynewicz



6/11/2021 — TEX @ LAD

428ft, 108.1 mph, 35° LA

Max Muncy continued his impressive start to the 2021 campaign by absolutely shelling Mike Foltynewicz and the Texas Rangers last week. He obliterated this cement mixer curveball, sending it deep into the sea of blue in the right-field bleachers. He then got some air under his signature bat drop, for a solid flip to put some emphasis on the blast.

Style: 7.5

Rotation: 180

Power: 8.5


6. Xander Bogaerts vs. Robbie Ray



6/13/2021 — TOR @ BOS

420ft, 110.2 mph, 28° LA

Judging by Xander Bogaerts‘ bat flip, you may not have been able to tell that Boston was actually down by more than a grand slam when he sent this ball over the Monster. He slams this pitch from tight pants advocate Robbie Ray and then lets the bat float out of his hands as he stepped towards first, a natural extension of his backswing. It was an incredibly smooth performance, and one of the few bright spots for the Red Sox on a day they would end up falling 18-4.

Style: 7.5

Rotation: 360°

Fluidity: 9


5. Victor Caratini vs. Amir Garrett



6/17/2021 — CIN @ SD

378ft, 100.6 mph, 30° LA

Much like Bogaerts, Victor Caratini gave us a very fluid bat flip after he ended the game for San Diego with this walk-off missile to left. The key difference, however, is how Caratini took some time to stand and admire his handiwork, coolly strutting down the line to the cheers of the home crowd at Petco Park.

Style: 7.5

Rotation: 270°

Strut: 8


4. Gregory Polanco vs. Brandon Woodruff



6/11/2021 — PIT @ MIL

428ft, 109.2 mph, 27° LA

Gregory Polanco’s monster toss against Brandon Woodruff would be higher on this list if there was a camera angle that actually caught it in its entirety. Unfortunately, the best we got was the center field replay, which left a lot to the imagination as Polanco pounded his chest and flipped his bat away towards the dugout. It looked majestic out of hand, however, floating through the air with a tight rotation that would make even the most seasoned of gymnasts jealous.

Style: 8.5

Rotation: ???

Cameras: 1 


3. Christian Arroyo vs. A.J. Minter



6/16/2021 — BOS @ ATL

467ft, 105.7 mph, 31° LA

Christian Arroyo has put together an impressive performance over the last few weeks and gave us a sweet lateral flip here that seemed to be equal parts disgusted and impressed at his own power. If that weren’t enough, Arroyo also joined the third base celebration trend with this Euro-step as he approached his base coach, though his lateral quickness left something to be desired. Perhaps the only person more thrilled with the swing was Sox manager Alex Cora, whom Arroyo made look like a genius with his pinch-hit grand slam.


Rotation: 360° (flat)

Crossup Move: 4


2. Fernando Tatis Jr. vs. Jacob Barnes



6/13/2021 — SD @ NYM

444ft, 112.2 mph, 22° LA

Of course, here’s your weekly dose of Fernando Tatis Jr. doing Fernando Tatis Jr. things. His latest bat flip victim was none other than New York’s (now Toronto’s) Jacob Barnes, who served up a grand slam to the young phenom. The rocket was enough to make even Tatis pause, staring for a few moments before coming back to Earth to unleash a wicked bat toss. It almost looked as if Tatis was still processing how he absolutely destroyed that baseball, only missing the spinning pinwheel of a Mac computer for the full effect. It’s a blast, Tatis is a beast, and there’s nothing really new there. Just sit back and enjoy one of the premier talents of the generation terrorize major league pitching with a smile on your face.

Style: 9

Rotation: 360°

Pose: 9 


1. Christian Arroyo vs. Carl Edwards Jr.



6/11/2021 — TOR @ BOS

403ft, 104.4 mph, 37° LA

Look at that! Christian Arroyo becomes the first non-Tatis player to be featured with two monster bat flips in the same week, this one coming against the Blue Jays and Carl Edwards. After pulverizing the 1-0 heater, Arroyo takes his sweet time walking down to first base, stunting after having tied the game in the late innings. After a few steps, Arroyo lofts his bat high into the air, energizing the Fenway faithful and capping off another excellent week of bat flips around the league.

Style: 9

Rotation: 450°

Nastiness: 10


What was the Best Bat Flip of Week 11?


Photo by Dustin Ian D’Andrea/Flickr | Adapted by Doug Carlin (@Bdougals on Twitter)

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  1. DB says:

    Umm… The Muncester, Polonco, Toro, and Arroyo hit those 10 days ago, AKA Friday of LAST week. Muncy hasn’t even played since that game and has been on the IL all week. Disqualify those and add Odor’s most recent and a few others, please.

    • Noah Scott says:

      You’re not wrong! However, this article was originally supposed to come out Friday, hence the dates being slightly off. Back to Fridays this week!

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