Rich Hill’s Eephus and the Nastiest Pitches From 6/14

Nate Watt breaks down the nastiest pitches from Friday's games, including Rich Hill's eephus and Gerrit Cole's fastball.

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Rich Hill’s Eephus


I’d be lying if I said Rich Hill getting the titular spot in this roundup wasn’t mostly because I’m excited to have an eephus. Luckily though, it also has a very legitimate case for being the winner today. With Friday’s win over the Cubs, Rich Hill now takes a 2.60 ERA into his next start. With the Giants next on the docket, that ERA should only improve.


Lucas Giolito’s Changeup


To say Lucas Giolito was an entirely unexpected surprise for the White Sox this year would be underselling it, his 2.22 ERA this year sitting a full 3.91 lower than last season. His strikeouts have skyrocketed too, going from 6.5 per 9 last season to 10.56 this year. This gorgeous slider to get Clint Frazier was one of six on the night for the 24-year-old.


Max Scherzer’s Slider

Big surprise: Max Scherzer has been very, very good this year. He sports a 2.81 ERA and career-high 12.3 K/9, and carries them into next week’s matchup with Bryce Harper and the Phillies.


Jerry Blevins‘ Curveball


Speaking of Harper, Jerry Blevins gave him a rude introduction to his slow, looping curveball on Friday, lowering his season ERA to a still ghastly 5.40 ERA, following a scoreless inning (though he walked 2). Luckily for the Braves, they aren’t paying him much, because man, he has been awful in 17 games this year, with his 6.94 BB/9 the clearest indication thus.


Gerrit Cole’s Fastball


Gerrit Cole notched his 8th 10+ K game of the season on Friday, striking out 10 while allowing 2 ER in 6 innings of work. While his early season was a bit rough, Cole brought his season ERA down to 3.67 on Friday, and sports an enormous (and league-leading) 13.9 K/9. Though it’s usually his spectacular slider that lands him on this list, Cole earned his spot this week by cranking up the high heat to badly expose Randal Grichuk.


Kyle Gibson’s Slider

Kyle Gibson was nothing short of extraordinary on Friday against the Royals, allowing only 2 hits over 8 innings of work, as the Twins continued their spectacular season and rise to 46-22. Gibson was a popular sleeper coming into 2019, and he’s largely delivered thus far, with his 77/17 K/BB ratio sticking out in particular.


GIF of the Night


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