Shaggin’ Flies 30: Alex Chamberlain Is A National Hero

Ben and Zach are joined by Alex Chamberlain to talk about ... stuff!

1 – On a floor ?

2 – Hawaii!

5 – To Fear The Water While Living On An Island

7 – Naming some guys: Erick Aybar; Gary DiSarcina; Darin Erstad; Tim Salmon

10 – Alex Chamberlain, Math Guy

19 – Mark Buehrle love, always worth noting

24 – Zach is a child

26 – Chad Moeller? Yankees backup catcher Chad Moeller?

29 – Taking AP Chem remains one of my biggest regrets

32 – Jim Edmonds inspiring kids to practice diving catches

34 – Freddie Freeman is the second most famous baseball-related alumnus of Alex’s high school

37 – Chris Davis is the modern day Bobby Bonilla

39 – In favor of ballpark food out of a helmet

43 – Mike Trout robs a Grand Slam, and Alex Chamberlain is a national hero

47 – Rob Manfred makes $11 million?!?!?

52 – In favor of bullpen carts

55 – The Order of Operations Trifecta! (PEMDAS)

1:00 – No ghosts, but disembodied heads are scary

1:03 – Alex’s daughter escapes

1:06 – The Full Count!

  • Alex’s Book Recommendation: Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory by Raphael-Bob Waksberg
  • Alex’s Food Recommendation: Japanese Cuisine
  • Alex’s Movies/TV Recommendation: Forgetting Sarah Marshall/McGruber/Bob’s Burgers
  • Alex’s Music Recommendation: The Wonder Years
  • Alex’s Miscellaneous Recommendation: Slovenia

Zach Hayes

Zach is based in Chicago and contributes analysis and coverage for Pitcher List and South Side Sox. He also co-hosts the Shaggin' Flies podcast with Ben Palmer, and enjoys reading, Justin Fields highlights, and people-watching on the CTA.

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