Fantasy Baseball SP Roundup: Thorpe’s Hammer

Nick Pollack reviews every starting pitcher performance from Saturday.

Welcome to the SP Roundup, my daily fantasy baseball article reviewing every starting pitcher’s performance from every Saturday game. I apologize for the jokes written in my delirium in advance. Have questions? Ask me during my office hours on Playback.tv weekday mornings from 10 am-12 pm ET.

Drew Thorpe (CHW) @ DET (W) – 6.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 Hits, 4 BBs, 5 Ks – 11 Whiffs, 29% CSW, 94 pitches.

We’ve already been over Drew Thorpe and while I don’t think there’s much more to go over, I want to emphasize just how good his changeup is. The pitch single-handedly took down the Tigers via 6.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 Hits, 4 BBs, 5 Ks – 11 Whiffs, 29% CSW, 94 pitches, returning 10/38 whiffs on the slowball, allowing the fastball to earn outs in play as batters struggled to discern which was en route to the plate.

Can he go the Micahel Wacha route? Definitely possible, just don’t forget the floor we saw last time out when the changeup wasn’t on point. As of now, let’s consider Thorpe a decent streamer to avoid against Atlanta next and take it from there.


Let’s see how every other SP did Saturday:


Logan Gilbert (SEA) @ MIA (W) – 8.0 IP, 0 ER, 4 Hits, 1 BBs, 6 Ks – 19 Whiffs, 30% CSW, 92 pitches.

Aces gonna ace. This was just four-seamer and slider. You told me that wasn’t enough. It isn’t…unless you’re against the Marlins and Gilbert actually locates the heater upstairs properly. Way to come through where you should.

Jon Gray (TEX) vs KCR (W) – 6.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 Hits, 0 BBs, 3 Ks – 8 Whiffs, 36% CSW, 72 pitches.

See? It was all the Mets being weird. Clearly. But seriously, the Royals didn’t capitalize on his four-seamer and knocked into more outs than expected. I’d avoid Gray for the Orioles next – the slider wasn’t so dominant here.

Randy Vásquez (SDP) vs MIL (W) – 5.0 IP, 0 ER, 5 Hits, 3 BBs, 3 Ks – 3 Whiffs, 17% CSW, 98 pitches.

Props to surviving in this one, though just three whiffs is a bit eyebrow-raising. Sure, he did command decently well around the edges, but yeah, this wasn’t a breakout start that should warrant your attention for the future, including Fenway up next.

Tyler Glasnow (LAD) vs LAA (W) – 7.0 IP, 1 ER, 2 Hits, 0 BBs, 10 Ks – 9 Whiffs, 36% CSW, 74 pitches.

Aces gonna ace. Just three months and change left, Glasnow. KEEP IT TOGETHER. I’m a little surprised the curve was the better breaker than the slider in this one, too. Glad to see it can still take over.

Jameson Taillon (CHC) vs NYM (W) – 7.0 IP, 1 ER, 6 Hits, 0 BBs, 10 Ks – 15 Whiffs, 34% CSW, 93 pitches.

Hot dang, look at you! That’s the Gold Star as he nearly matched Glasnow in performance with a ridiculous ten strikeout performance. He had it all working – cutters and heaters led the way, sweepers off the edge, and even got a punchout with a lovely curveball on the edge. Some days it works and he’s in the groove and it has to feel great for Taillon to have one of these nights. Maybe he can build off this to perform well against a middling Giants team up next,

Zack Wheeler (PHI) vs ARI (W) – 7.0 IP, 1 ER, 2 Hits, 0 BBs, 8 Ks – 15 Whiffs, 32% CSW, 97 pitches.

Aces gonna ace. His fastballs were stupid good. Shocking, I know.

Ronel Blanco (HOU) vs BAL (W) – 7.0 IP, 1 ER, 4 Hits, 3 BBs, 4 Ks – 16 Whiffs, 37% CSW, 98 pitches.

Funny, I don’t think Blanco pitched particularly well relative to his peak. Changeups and four-seamers were a bit chaotic and he got away with a lot, but I’m starting to believe that his three-pitch mix makes it awfully hard for batters to determine what to swing at and resist – that’s three straight absurd CSW games for Blanco with legit whiffs – and it’s time to start wondering if Blanco deserves AGA consideration. He’s making it look easy.

Michael Wacha (KCR) @ TEX (L) – 5.0 IP, 1 ER, 3 Hits, 1 BBs, 5 Ks – 13 Whiffs, 30% CSW, 74 pitches.

In this clear “Still IL”, I’m impressed how comfortable Wacha was with his changeup. See Thorpe up there? This is what you’re trying to replicate. I wouldn’t jump straight back in with the Guardians next, but if Wacha continues the trend, I’d be inclined to grab him as a 12-teamer Toby.

Bailey Ober (MIN) @ OAK (W) – 9.0 IP, 2 ER, 4 Hits, 0 BBs, 10 Ks – 23 Whiffs, 42% CSW, 89 pitches.

Oh snap, THERE HE IS. A Golden Goal for Ober with ideal pitch separation and now he gets the Mariners. It’s a 3.68 ERA with a 1.00 WHIP and 26% strikeout rate since his 8 ER disaster to start the year. Yup.

Jared Jones (PIT) vs TBR (W) – 7.0 IP, 2 ER, 3 Hits, 3 BBs, 8 Ks – 14 Whiffs, 33% CSW, 94 pitches.

Strikeouts are back! He did have low iVB and not the greatest four-seamer locations over the plate, but we’ll take it. Steps, not leaps.

Frankie Montas (CIN) vs BOS (ND) – 6.0 IP, 2 ER, 5 Hits, 1 BBs, 4 Ks – 9 Whiffs, 32% CSW, 72 pitches.

This had a hint of BSB approach, but mostly just splitters and four-seamers over the heart of the plate and Montas got away with it. I’m not buying it.

Ben Lively (CLE) vs TOR (W) – 5.2 IP, 2 ER, 3 Hits, 2 BBs, 4 Ks – 6 Whiffs, 26% CSW, 82 pitches.

I guess we’re all good? I’m a little worried that his command is still off a touch and with the Royals up next, I may elect to move on from Lively. Or maybe the Vargas Rule is still alive(ly) and well. You do you.

Marcus Stroman (NYY) vs ATL (W) – 6.2 IP, 3 ER, 3 Hits, 2 BBs, 6 Ks – 12 Whiffs, 27% CSW, 93 pitches.

Solid work from Stroman, who had all of his secondaries working his way. It’s hard to resist Stroman’s Win chance and solid volume, and let’s better happy the WHIP helped us in this one.

Cal Quantrill (COL) vs WSN (ND) – 6.0 IP, 3 ER, 7 Hits, 1 BBs, 5 Ks – 11 Whiffs, 32% CSW, 95 pitches.

Decent splitter, great sinker, and some cutters. Quantrill is still a considerable streamer, if you can believe it.

Kenta Maeda (DET) vs CHW (L) – 4.2 IP, 3 ER, 8 Hits, 0 BBs, 5 Ks – 12 Whiffs, 26% CSW, 92 pitches.

Y’all knew better than this and avoided it. Because I trust you and your decisions and I’m not going to question my assessment. Good job, reader. You’re one of the smart ones. I started Maeda. STOP DOING THAT.

Nick Pivetta (BOS) @ CIN (ND) – 4.1 IP, 3 ER, 6 Hits, 1 BBs, 5 Ks – 8 Whiffs, 18% CSW, 96 pitches.

That’s three straight 3+ ER outings from Pivetta and I understand if you’re getting a little worried. The two pitches that transformed his 2023 season are not doing their part – sweepers and cutters combined for just 13% usage – and he’s looking more like a Cherry Bomb these days. I’d continue to roll with it for a little longer as he’s still serviceable in this form. Annoying, I know.

Zach Eflin (TBR) @ PIT (L) – 7.0 IP, 4 ER, 5 Hits, 1 BBs, 6 Ks – 13 Whiffs, 34% CSW, 95 pitches.

A solo shot and a rough third inning held back Eflin as he generally cruised through the Pirates lineup. It wasn’t anything special with mostly sinkers and cutters, though, and he’s still just a Holly

Corbin Burnes (BAL) @ HOU (L) – 7.0 IP, 4 ER, 5 Hits, 0 BBs, 5 Ks – 13 Whiffs, 29% CSW, 90 pitches.

Aces gonna allow two home runs and fail to get a Win. Whatareyagonnado. At least the slider is back going 47% CSW with 8/19 whiffs. That’s all kinds of fun.

Mitchell Parker (WSN) @ COL (ND) – 6.0 IP, 4 ER, 6 Hits, 2 BBs, 8 Ks – 13 Whiffs, 29% CSW, 98 pitches.

That curve was legit and he mixed in his slider effectively, but a three-run shot messed up the night for Parker. I’d hold for the Rays next.

Miles Mikolas (STL) vs SFG (W) – 6.0 IP, 4 ER, 6 Hits, 2 BBs, 3 Ks – 6 Whiffs, 28% CSW, 88 pitches.

Ayyyy it almost worked. Wait, this isn’t a good line. Nope. But you got a Win! Did he locate like he did last time that made you excited? Nope, everything was in the zone and not separated out. Why are you happy with this. I don’t know!

Carlos Rodríguez (MIL) @ SDP (L) – 4.0 IP, 4 ER, 6 Hits, 0 BBs, 2 Ks – 7 Whiffs, 22% CSW, 72 pitches.

You haven’t granted Carlos attention yet and sadly, this wasn’t the start to reframe your thinking.

Charlie Morton (ATL) @ NYY (L) – 5.2 IP, 5 ER, 5 Hits, 5 BBs, 4 Ks – 11 Whiffs, 24% CSW, 97 pitches.

It was the Yankees, you shouldn’t have expected anything different. The CrySox should be better, but then again, Morton is no lock on a given night.

José Berríos (TOR) @ CLE (L) – 5.0 IP, 5 ER, 6 Hits, 1 BBs, 3 Ks – 8 Whiffs, 26% CSW, 86 pitches.

Blegh. Stop undulating, please. Returning just 9/19 curveball strikes can’t be your life. And now you get the Yankees with just ten strikeouts across your last four games. Yikes.

Jordan Hicks (SFG) @ STL (L) – 4.0 IP, 5 ER, 6 Hits, 3 BBs, 1 Ks – 3 Whiffs, 20% CSW, 88 pitches.

Sub 50% sweeper strikes and the sinker didn’t do enough. No flu this time (BAMP. RIGHT FOOT AGAIN!) and it still wasn’t what we wanted. It may get harder with the Cubs and Atalnta up next, but I’m willing to believe in Hicks one more start before jumping off the train properly. He is a Toby, though, so don’t hold on too tightly in the first place.

Shaun Anderson (MIA) vs SEA (L) – 3.1 IP, 5 ER, 8 Hits, 0 BBs, 3 Ks – 6 Whiffs, 24% CSW, 70 pitches.

Luzardo is on the IL with a back injury, forcing Anderson to toss 70 pitches. He’s not the guy – 1/27 whiffs across sliders and sweepers.

Tommy Henry (ARI) @ PHI (L) – 3.2 IP, 6 ER, 6 Hits, 2 BBs, 2 Ks – 4 Whiffs, 19% CSW, 69 pitches.

Two. First. Names. But for real, don’t go after Henry.

Zach Plesac (LAA) @ LAD (L) – 3.1 IP, 6 ER, 7 Hits, 1 BBs, 1 Ks – 5 Whiffs, 25% CSW, 65 pitches.

Some days, the world continues exactly as you expected it to. Sip your coffee, exhale, and find that comfort. Sorry Plesac, you were dealt a tough hand.

Tylor Megill (NYM) @ CHC (L) – 3.0 IP, 6 ER, 5 Hits, 3 BBs, 6 Ks – 8 Whiffs, 27% CSW, 78 pitches.

Grimace was saving everyone, why not Megill too?! He didn’t have his cutter early, and pushed it away to favor curveballs instead and it’s just not the same. I don’t think we need to hold for the Astros, but maybe return after.

JP Sears (OAK) vs MIN (L) – 1.1 IP, 8 ER, 9 Hits, 0 BBs, 1 Ks – 2 Whiffs, 18% CSW, 50 pitches.

Oh dear. Everything got hit and he couldn’t locate incredibly well. He’s a Cherry Bomb and you need the action movie to get the romance.


Game of the Day


Pablo López vs. Hogan Harris – I want to see Pablo experiment and calibrate, while I’d love to watch Harris continue to make it work.

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