Spring Training Injury Report: Severino, Judge, Mikolas, and Haniger

Another Yankee bites the dust, and another one is dealing with discomfort.

During Spring Training, I will dive into injuries as they come up. I will use my knowledge and what is being reported by the team to give an estimated return date and performance outlook for the rest of the season.


Luis Severino – Forearm Soreness 


Luis Severino had his Spring Training put on hold due to forearm soreness, that stems back from the 2019 ALCS. The fact that this is an issue that he has been dealing with for four months and it reoccurs every time he throws a change-up is perplexing. Severino will undergo more testing in New York on Monday. We will have an updated timeline and expectations for him afterward. Based on the reports coming out of the Yankees camp, it appears that this isn’t a UCL issue. The loose bodies reported shouldn’t be a long term issue either.

There is a chance that this doesn’t impact his season whatsoever. There is also a chance that this is a lingering issue that he can’t get over. Since he has been dealing with this since the end of last season, and it comes up after he throws, I am going to be very cautious in my drafts with Severino. We should know more after Monday so that I will give an update on next week’s article. But if I’m drafting between now and Monday, I am passing on Severino. Forearm issues are one of my biggest red flags. It is a personal bias that I have, but those can quickly escalate into season-ending injuries that I tend to avoid. But this will all but guarantee a delayed start to his season. Hopefully Monday we will find out how long his delay is.


Aaron Judge – Shoulder Soreness


Aaron Judge has been dealing with shoulder soreness for the past couple of days. I would consider Judge to be day-to-day, and this will not have any impact on his performance during the season.

Return date: End of next week


Miles Mikolas – Flexor Tendon Soreness 


Mile Mikolas’ flexor tendon soreness that he dealt with last season has popped up again. He will resume throwing in 3-4 weeks and will start the season on the IL. Since this is an issue that plagued Mikolas last season, I would be cautious when draft time comes around. He has pitched through this issue the past couple of seasons, so it shouldn’t have an impact on his performance. But like I’ve said before, forearm injuries are a huge red flag for me and I tend to try to avoid them. If all goes well Mikolas could return around the end of April, but this has been an issue that is sticking around. That timeline could easily be pushed back towards June.

Return date: Mid/Late April


Mitch Haniger – Lumbar Discectomy


Mitch Haniger underwent back surgery early last week to have a microdiscectomy performed on his lower back. Haniger also had a sports hernia repaired in early February. This new surgery will push the 6-8 week timeline following the hernia surgery into question. Given the two surgeries within the same month, it is going to be hard to try to pin down a return date for Haniger. The one thing that Haniger has going for him is that both surgeries will require the same type of rehab. My best guess is that this will push Haniger back towards the end of April/Early May.
Return date: Late April/Early May


If there is a player you would like information on, leave a comment, and I will reply as I’m able!

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

Jake Robinson

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9 responses to “Spring Training Injury Report: Severino, Judge, Mikolas, and Haniger”

  1. Will says:

    Thoughts on Eugenio Suarez?

    • Jake Robinson says:

      Hey Will! Everything coming out of the Reds camp is very encouraging for Suarez. He should be on track to be ready to go right around Opening Day, so if you have a draft coming up I wouldn’t be nervous about drafting him. There is a chance it takes him a bit to get things going once the season starts, but since it isn’t his lead shoulder that he had surgery on he really shouldn’t be bothered by it!
      Hope this helps!

  2. PD says:

    Carlos Carrasco’s hip flexor strain?

    • Jake Robinson says:

      Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about Cookie too much. Give him a couple of weeks max to get things to calm down for his hip and he should be just fine going forward. He might take a little extra time to get ramped up going into the season. Give him a couple of starts and he should be good during the season!

  3. Cameron Kirkpatrick says:

    5×5 with OBP & QS. My five keepers are unreal- Mookie, Lindor, JRam, DeGrom & Clevinger. I pick third, and the most likely offerings are Kershaw, Bryant, Rizzo & Olson. With Clevinger being out for a bit, do I grab Kershaw? I love Bryant, but I’ve already got JRam for third…

    • Jake Robinson says:

      Hey, what’s going on Cameron! Thanks for reaching out! My answer would change depending on your league rules so please answer back! How long do you get to keep each keeper and how long have you kept each keeper you listed? As things stand right now, I would be leaning towards Kershaw because I tend to value SP earlier in drafts.

      • Cameron Kirkpatrick says:

        Thanks, Jake- keepers are for an unlimited period at this point (might revisit this year).

        • Jake Robinson says:

          Man thats makes it harder! But I would still probably lean Kershaw, but it really would be roster preference. It just comes down to who you think you can trust more between Bryant and Kershaw.

          • Cameron Kirkpatrick says:

            Thanks, Nick. You da man.
            I might slide Yu into the mix, as well. If the issue Prior to the ASB was his arm slot, the fix should be repeatable……

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