Tayron Guerrero’s Fastball and the Nastiest Pitches from 6/20

Today's edition of nastiest pitches has a treasure trove of fastballs, breaking balls and a changeup from Zac Gallen's debut. Choose your favorite GIF!

Every morning, we review the nastiest pitches from the previous day’s games in glorious high-definition GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and check back this weekend to see if it will be in contention for the GIF of the Second Quarter Contest. Did we miss your favorite pitch? Send us a tweet next time @PitcherList, and we’ll GIF it up and give you a shoutout here in the article.


Tayron Guerrero’s Fastball




Tayron Guerrero gave up the Marlins’ lead before striking out Paul Goldschmidt on this 101 mph fastball. Goldschmidt was left frozen by this perfectly placed pitch.


Hansel Robles‘ Changeup




At first glance, this pitch seems too fast to be a changeup, but it’s also too slow to be a fastball from the high-powered Hansel Robles. Robles can dial up his fastball to 100 mph and beyond and then drop a 93 mph changeup just below the zone. Teoscar Hernandez struck out on this dirty changeup to end the ninth inning.


Charlie Morton’s Curveball




Charlie Morton and Frankie Montas went head-to-head in a mesmerizing pitching duel last night in Oakland. Morton started off the game with his curveball biting as Khris Davis can attest. This pitch ends up just off the outside corner but way too close to take. When the ball moves like Morton’s curveball does, it’s hard for hitters to figure out where the pitch will end up.


Hector Rondon’s Two-seam Fastball




Hector Rondon has fallen down the pecking order in the Astros bullpen since his role as injury replacement closer last year, but he still has top-of-the-line stuff. This two-seamer eats Luke Voit alive as it breaks onto Voit’s hands at 98 mph.


Zac Gallen’s Changeup




Zac Gallen had a strong debut using his fastball, slider, and especially his changeup to finish off hitters. Paul Goldschmidt was looking for a fastball on this pitch, but Gallen throws a 3-2 changeup below the zone. Gutsy pitching by Gallen against a former MVP.


Frankie Montas‘ Slider




Frankie Montas new splitter gets a lot of attention, but his slider is a great pitch in its own right. This unfair slider to Tommy Pham is placed perfectly on the black at 89 mph.


John Gant’s Changeup




John Gant has had a nice 2019 season and is underrated as a fantasy option in leagues with holds or saves+holds as a category. Gant uses his changeup to get fastball hitters such as Starlin Castro to start their swings too early.


Dylan Bundy’s Slider




Dylan Bundy is the lone occasional bright spot in the Orioles’ dreadful rotation. Bundy had all four of his pitches working last night, including a slider with great late downward break. Free swinging J.P. Crawford couldn’t hold up his swing on Bundy’s best slider of the night.


GIF of the Night


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