The 10 Nastiest Pitches From Last Week

The Nastiest Pitches from last week's games are right here

Pitcher List was founded on the back of filthy pitches, and we strive to bring you the best of the best every day. However, with over 70+ pitches featured every week, there is a lot to sort through. We ask you, the readers, to vote for your favorite every day, and now is your chance to crown the best of the week.

Every week, we will be featuring the top pitches from each day as voted on by the readers. Then, every Tuesday, you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite of the week. Make your voice heard in the comments, on Twitter, and in our Discord for which pitch you think is the best!


4/19 – Hansel Robles‘ Fastball




Hansel Robles had an up and down week, earning a win, a hold, and then eventually a blown save and loss, but he’s been one of Boston’s best relievers this season. This fastball up and away to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was actually the second time in two straight nights that Vladdy struck out looking on a fastball in this spot, so Robles certainly did his homework. Anytime you can strike out the best hitter in baseball looking you’ve done something nasty.


4/20 – Mitch Keller’s Curveball




Ahh, Mitch Keller. Speaking of up and down, Keller’s career has been more like a roller coaster where the seat belt doesn’t quite fit and you’re holding on for dear life while going around the loop de loops. He has so much promise but he hasn’t quite put it all together for an extended amount of time. He flashed that promise on Wednesday, throwing 5.1 really solid innings while relying heavily on his fastball/slider combo. This curveball was his nastiest pitch of the day, though, and it’s filthy enough to be in contention for the weekly crown.


4/21 – Jordan Hicks‘ Sinker




Jordan Hicks‘ sinker may have putrid results so far this season (22.5% CSW), his first as a starter; however, there’s no doubt that it’s still one of the nastiest sinkers in the league.


4/22 – Kyle Wright’s Curveball




Kyle Wright had a night to remember last Friday, throwing six very strong innings with a 38.9% CSW in what will likely be remembered as his true breakout outing. The curveball led the charge with a 39.4% CSW and was filthy all night.


4/22 – Michael King’s Sinker




As good as Kyle Wright last Friday, Michael King may have been even better. He earned the hold while striking out eight over only three innings. He had an absolutely insane 59.5% CSW in the appearance, including an 82.4% CSW with 17 sinkers. Yeah, you read that right. This pitch was barely foul-tipped by Kwan Soto, but it got elite movement and had a dope slo-mo to go along with it.


4/22 – Kyle Wright’s Sinker




When I said earlier that Wright was filthy all night, I meant it. His sinker was also disgusting and he effectively used it to jam batters early and often. He’s got ridiculous stuff and will be a fun guy to watch this season.


4/23 – Matt Brash’s Knuckle Curve




I think all of us are Matt Brash stans these days, and whether this pitch is a Knuckle Curve (as Savant classifies it) or a Slider (as Brash calls it), it’s still dope and still nasty either way.


4/23 – Devin Williams‘ Changeup




Devin Williams has not been his usual self this year, but the changeup has still flashed on occasion and he had it working on Saturday. This devastating changeup had Jean Segura swinging out of his shoes.


4/23 – Matt Festa’s Slider




Everyone’s talking about Matt Brash in Seattle, but Matt Festa has been just as good in his bullpen role this year. His slider has a 38.1% CSW and sports a 25.4% SwStr% thanks largely to the ridiculous late movement the pitch gets. Keep your eye on Festa in that Mariners bullpen.


4/24 – Shane McClanahan’s Changeup




Here’s that McClanahan guy again. It seems like he’s in the mix for the weekly crown every week, whether it’s his triple-digit fastball, devastating curveball, or this filthy changeup. The guy is a legitimate stud, and as a fan of an AL East team I’m petrified every time my team has to face him.


What Was The Nastiest Pitch From Last Week?


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