The 4 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Strikeouts, Bombs, Giant Gloves, Tight Pants and a Case of the Mondays.

It isn’t even late yet and I am utterly exhausted. I am not looking for sympathy here, as I just spent the last many weeks off on summer vacation, but I woke up at 6:00 am today for my first day back at work in a while, and my 3-year-old’s first day of school…ever. Her entire conscious life thus far has been spent in some form of lockdown and this was a big deal. So getting up extra early was an absolute necessity. The 5-year-old starts Kindergarten on Wednesday so please send help.

As often is the case, I spent my night collecting baseball Tweets on a buddy’s couch, watching the Red Sox vs. Rays game. We were talking about golf and football and countless other things while I scrolled Twitter in search of the collection of genius I am about to share with you all.

Just before 10:00 pm our time, as it was incredibly quiet, I figured I might be overstaying my welcome and announced it was time for me to set off for some article writing with the hopes of getting to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. I said, “Off to write and then to bed, hopefully before midnight.” He suggested that I write IN bed. And while adding “…in bed” to the end of any fortune procured from a cookie was a fun thing people used to do, in this context, I had no choice but to respond: “That’s a bad idea.”

And, of course, it was a bad idea because I wouldn’t have gotten this far into the piece without having fallen asleep on my laptop, failing to complete my work, and leaving all of you article-less and gosh-darn-it I will not let you down.

All of this is to say this: Seattle Mariners, even though my personal El Guapo (The Three Amigos) today was not email-related, I feel you:



Yes, I have a terrible case of “the Mondays.”




So, to fulfill my epic quest on this, the Monday night before you read this on Tuesday, here are some things that happened:



I don’t know when this one happened, but it hit my feed yesterday, so I’m including it here because HOLY GIANT GLOVE!



This Tweet that I saw while slicing onions:




This exchange with Francisco Lindor and a fan at the U.S. Open:



This “Bling Ring” conversation:









And this:



Robbie Ray, Strikeout Machine


Robbie Ray has figured it out this year and it is absolutely amazing to see. I have rostered Ray on many a fantasy team only to be largely disappointed and let down by him. Anybody rostering Robbie Ray this year is neither disappointed nor let down.

Last night, there was an accomplishment:



I mean, he was DEALIN’



There’s more:



And he did all of that, looking like this:



There were comments:



There was another with a fake tushy, but I felt it inappropriate to include in this article, and please, definitely do not Google it or search it on Twitter where you’ll definitely find it because, honestly, let’s have some class people.


Punny Tweets


This is literally just a collection of Tweets with puns (or semi-clever attempts at pun-ish or pun-adjacent content):



Un-Punny Bombs


This isn’t a repeat from above; Vladdy went yard twice. This one is absolutely CRUSHED:



Here are a few more:



Random Good / Fun Things


Marcus Semien has been very, very good this year. Here is a fact to help you understand just how good:



Here is an alternate angle of Vladdy’s second home-run, this time a repeat, but still well-worth it:



I will always celebrate good things happening for Jon Lester:



…and an unintentional Burn Notice nod by referencing a real player who shares the alias used by Sam Axe:



Here is a streaking Ray from Tampa Bay:



Happy Twins:



Happy Yelich:



Good-at-baseball Bo Bichette (author’s note: I first read this as B.O. like in Body Odor and I was confused):



Funny Carter Kieboom:



And this AMAZING piece of art:





And there you have it; another installment of Best MLB Moments in the books. But before we go, let’s check in with young phenom, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.



Yup. He’s okay.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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