The 4 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

A great meeting, a great story, and a great skip.

Wednesday! Happy Hump Day! Wednesday was a smaller slate of games, due to a couple of postponements. But, baseball is baseball. We still got some stuff that will surely put a smile on your face and make you love baseball even more. Let’s get into it.


Acuña Jr. Meets Big Papi

We all remember David Ortiz as one of the best hitters of his generation, but he was also one of the best personalities. He was always smiling and putting smiles on the faces of others. He did this for one of baseball’s biggest stars on Wednesday. 

Ronald Acuña Jr. visited Fenway Park on Wednesday and he got a visitor in the Green Monster.

Ortiz has some fun with the camera, and then Acuña Jr. runs up to talk to him, with a huge smile on his face. This has to warm your heart. One of baseball’s biggest stars getting to meet a star from the past, and he is clearly very excited to meet him. Awesome.


Adolis García. That’s it. 

There’s nothing better than a great story in baseball, and so far, Adolis García is at, or near, the top of that list in 2021. García signed with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2017, and in 2019, was acquired by the Texas Rangers

Prior to this season, he had 23 at-bats between the Cardinals and Rangers in 2018 and 2019. And then, in February, he was designated for assignment. He was then called up on April 13. And, well, it’s worked out, to say the least.

García has been on an absolute tear and hit his 16th home run on Wednesday. He was DFA’d in February, and now is tied for the league lead in home runs and is the profile picture for the Texas Rangers‘ Twitter account.

This is why we love baseball. Because of stories like this.


Brewers’ Pitchers Rake

Pitchers hitting has been a talking point in the 2021 season. A year after we got the universal DH rule, we have pitchers hitting, once again. Think of that what you will, but when they do it well, it makes for great content. 

Okay, maybe ‘rake’ is not the right term, but as far as pitchers go, the Brewers pitchers have hit three of them! Aside from Shohei Ohtani, the Brewers lead baseball in home runs hit by pitchers.

Again, think what you will about the “who needs a DH” sentiment, but this is something fun to keep track of in what is likely the last season of pitchers hitting.


A Skip and a Hop

We’ve seen a lot of pitcher celebrations this year. Whether it’s just a scream and a hit to the glove, or Trevor Bauer’s “sword” celebration, they’re all good. Celebrate, pitchers! But one of the best ways a pitcher can celebrate is the “K Strut,” which Pitching Ninja is all over.

Devin Williams is the reigning NL Rookie of the Year and one of the nastiest relievers in the game. He’s all over Pitching Ninja’s page. Today, it wasn’t just because of his stuff:

This is my favorite type of pitching celebration. A scream is great. But, for me, when you dominate an inning and skip off the mound after an inning-ending strikeout? That’s the good stuff. You know you were dominant, and you are leaving the mound like you know it.

Wednesday was a smaller slate, but it was still great! I hope you enjoy your baseball on Thursday and enjoy your Thursday as a whole.


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