The 5 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

Welcome to Dinger City, population: everyone.

Against all odds, we’ve completed another Tuesday. Congratulations, everyone. You did this. Now we can look back fondly on the day that was, with many an entertaining baseball moment included. Let’s talk about them!

First, as is customary, a few fun tidbits from baseball Twitter yesterday. Here’s a beautiful shot of Charlie Blackmon to start your morning, courtesy of atRockies!

Speaking of pictures, here’s one of a few Home Run Derby contestants enjoying afternoon baseball.

And here’s two more of Sean Doolittle, as he optimized the Reds’ pre-game vibes with a little outfield saging:

Unfortunately, the vibes were not where they needed to be for this guy, who was brutally left hanging on the foul ball high-five attempt. Sometimes you simply must take the L instead.

Meanwhile, in Double-A, an old friend made his first rehab appearance of the season. He allowed no hits and collected six strikeouts in 3.2 innings against the poor Harrisburg Senators, who will no doubt be traumatized by the experience.

Sticking in the minors, here’s suicide survivor and all-around inspirational guy Drew Robinson stepping to the plate for his final game with the Giants yesterday. Chills. If you haven’t heard his story by now, look it up.

Next, we’ve got Touki Toussaint, fresh off shoving for a career-high distance against the Padres the day he was called up, wearing a badass graphic wolf tee in the postgame presser. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

Okay, strike that—Christian Yelich sitting courtside while the Bucks win the NBA championship is also cool…

And last but not least, enjoy this video of MLB players making their own home run calls. How in the world is Pete Alonso the worst??


Ladies Take the Lead

It was a dramatic night on the field, but perhaps the most important moment in MLB on Tuesday happened in the booth. As you may have heard, the Orioles-Rays tilt on Youtube yesterday was the first-ever MLB game to feature an all-female broadcast crew. With Melanie Newman running the play-by-play, Sarah Langs offering analysis, Alanna Rizzo bringing on-field commentary, and Heidi Watney and Lauren Gardner in the studio, it was a pretty neat moment for a sport that has more female viewers than ever before.

The Rays won the game 9-3, but no one had a better time than this young O’s fan who got to witness history.

More of this, please, @MLB — signed, a man who is tired of listening to incompetent men talk about baseball.

José’s Anniversary Party

Ten years ago yesterday, Houston brought up an unheralded 5’6″ second baseman from Double-A to fill time on a terrible rebuilding team. He stuck around. That man became José Altuve, MVP and World Series Champion. And would you look at that, the Astros remembered!

Someone else who clearly remembered is Altuve himself, who celebrated with a monster game. He’s on pace to hit the most home runs of his career this year, and nos. 21 and 22 left the ballpark quickly last night:

And just to put a bow on it, he added a spectacular catch that used every millimeter of his diminutive stature.

Have a day, José! Here’s to another 10 years.


Did We Just Become Best Friends?

A week ago, Charlie Freeman got to live out his dreams by meeting Fernando Tatis Jr. at the All-Star Game. Yesterday, as the Braves hosted the Padres for the first time this season, he got to see his new friend once again. And you better believe it was wholesome.

The wave back kills me. Charlie’s dad had a pretty good time, too, hitting the game-winning home run in the sixth and enjoying a moment with Tatis at first in the eighth:


Despite the loss, Tatis remained classy as always. He even came through with a signed jersey for the youngster after the game, according to Freddie’s Instagram.

Baseball players: they’re friends, too!

Crater Balls

From a fan meeting a star, we go to a ball meeting the moon. You like that transition? Yeah, I’ve certainly written worse. Anyway, here’s Gary Sánchez launching a pitch to Jupiter.

There must have been something in the atmosphere because balls were rocketing everywhere yesterday. Two Royals blasted into the scoreboard in center against the Brewers, including this pinch-hit shot from Ryan O’Hearn:

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Yoán Moncada launched one all the way out to the bullpen (shoutout to the White Sox account for utilizing a pun right out of the Nick Pollack playbook).

And finally, I present LaMonte Wade Jr. and this beautiful “oh, damn” swing that sent a projectile 413 feet out to right. Houston, we have—okay, fine, I’ll stop.


Chicago Fireworks

If you root for a team in the Windy City, hopefully you didn’t turn your TV off early. Both the Cubs and White Sox exploded late for comeback wins on Tuesday, albeit with a little help from timely bullpen malfunctions. Both teams benefitted from multiple walks in their final inning, opening the door for an unlikely victory.

The Cubs, in particular, came out of nowhere, scoring six in the ninth inning to beat the Cardinals 7-6:

Meanwhile, on the South Side, the White Sox used an overturned call as a springboard for a five-run eighth. The exclamation point was provided by José Abreu, who absolutely unloaded on this pitch to feed the frenzy:

What drama! Now here’s 10 seconds of Tim Anderson dancing (via @whitesox) because that’s the only reason we’re really here.


Yep, that oughtta do it. Happy Wednesday, people.

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