The 5 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

Magic in baseball, holding and celebrating.

This past weekend was CRAZY! We had one of the craziest Trade Deadlines of all time. There were tons of stars traded, particularly from two teams. However, the deadline is over. We’re now back to regular baseball and all of the antics that come with each game. There was a ton of great things on Wednesday, so let’s get into it.


There’s Magic in Baseball 

We all know how superstitious baseball players can be. Does it have some effect on their performance? We may never know. However, when you actually put a magic spell on a player, it seems to work. At least that’s what this young girl made it look like. 

She was putting in work for All-Star Kevin Gausman. She stopped to make sure it would work after the pitch was thrown, and when it did, she was ecstatic. The Giants broadcast made sure she was on camera putting in work throughout that inning, and it paid off. Maybe she has a future in this sort of thing, who knows.


Miggy’s Having Fun

Miguel Cabrera is still one of the most entertaining players in the league despite playing for so long and being on the decline for the past few years. He’s still keeping it light, which is why so many of us love him as a player and as a person. He had a great time holding guys on at first during the game against the Red Sox. 

We’ve heard about all of the fun that Freddie Freeman has at first base when guys get over there. Cabrera is having some fun, too, it appears! My favorite part about this is that Miggy keeps a straight face, the entire time. He’s just messing around, holding him on the bag with what appears to be little effort. If that was me, I would have at least cracked a smile. But not Miggy. He’s serious about everything he does.


Brett Phillips, Protector

There’s no question that Brett Phillips is always smiling, laughing, and having a good time. We all know about the laugh and the walk-off in the World Series, but even when he’s not on the biggest stage he’s having a good time. Just look at what he did in right field on Wednesday. 

This foul ball was coming too close for comfort for this fan, but Brett Phillips was there to help. She was clearly nervous, hiding her head, and then when Phillips caught the ball, he ran up to the wall. When he ran up, he clearly startled the fan. I’m not sure what he said, or if she was just startled that he was there after hiding her head. Either way, he gave her a pat on the shoulder and went about his game. With a smile, of course.


Blue Jays’ Celebration

We’ve seen some wacky celebrations in baseball. But the one we saw from the Blue Jays on Wednesday was something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen. 

I’ll be honest, I need an explanation here. I mean, they were clearly having fun. But other than that, I have no answers. Help me out here.


Javy Baez… Wow

I’m a sucker for a good slide, which is no shocker to anyone. Javier Baez had a terrific slide on Wednesday. Now, we all know that Baez has made some terrific tags in his day. You might remember the play when he got in a pickle down the first base line earlier this season. But just look at this slide. 

I mean, wow. Is this magic, too?


I hope you had a great Wednesday! Have a great Thursday, too.

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