The 6 Best MLB Moments from Friday

For the first time since October, "Airplane Dude" takes flight!


The Airplane Flies Again!


In Game 4 of the 2020 World Series, Brett Phillips captivated the baseball world as he literally flew into the outfield following his dramatic walk-off hit. Last night, Phillips stepped up the plate with the chance to be the hero: score tied at 2 – 2, bases loaded, 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. And just like he had done on that legendary October night, Phillips became the hero.

And into the outfield he flew again.


Few players capture the pure, child-like joy of baseball as well as Phillips does. In fact, Phillips’ airplane celebration is so unique that he says everyone in his hometown calls him “airplane dude.”

Fly on, airplane dude. And keep up the wholesomeness.


Schwarber Gets Clobbered by the Freight Train!


In 2006, David Peralta made his minor league debut—as a pitcher. For two seasons he toiled with the Cardinals’ Rookie affiliate before injuries forced him out of the minors for over five years .

Then, in 2013, the Diamondbacks gave Peralta another chance. This time, as a hitter. He carved up A+, then AA, and finally he was in the majors.

But in his first seven MLB seasons, Peralta never got the chance to throw a pitch. Until yesterday.

Peralta didn’t exactly have the speed needed to thrive at this level. But Kyle Schwarber still put on his best acting display after getting plunked.

Even though Peralta gave up a couple runs and worked the bases loaded, the “Freight Train” recorded a personal milestone with his first ever MLB punchout.




Starting pitchers have a lot of spare time at the ballpark. They usually arrive at least three hours before game time, and you can only chew so much gum and sunflower seeds before you have to find something else to do.

The Phillies staff found a fun way to pass the time on their off days making use of the 300+ feet of clean-cut, green grass that is at their disposal.

As a pitcher, Zach Eflin doesn’t have to worry about his golf swing messing up his baseball swing, so he has long used golf as a way to help him perform on the mound. But can he rip seemingly-impossible swings like Mike Trout does at Top Golf?



Ozuna Hits His Face, Takes a Selfie


Marcell Ozuna carries himself with a lot of swagger. Last year’s NL home run leader hasn’t really been able to show off this season, seeing as how he entered yesterday’s game hitting just .207/.281/.331 with only 5 HRs. But in Friday’s game, Ozuna clobbered a baseball off of his own face.

As he rounded third base, Ozuna paused for a moment to immortalize this moonshot as the Milwaukee faithful voiced their displeasure.



Lindor Looks Loony


Just one week after Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil’s fierce debate over the age-old question of “rat or raccoon,” Lindor had another off-the-field highlight.

No, he didn’t pick brawl with Jacob deGrom about whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. Rather, Lindor decided to sport a new… eye-catching look.


Zack Greinke Speaks His Mind


Zack Greinke isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what he is thinking. Sometimes, Greinke will say to your face that he would trade you for a better player. Other times, he will let everyone know what pitch is coming.

But on Friday, Greinke did something very rare, especially for a baseball player: he complimented the umps.

According the wonderful UmpScorecards on Twitter, the HP umpire called the most accurate zone (95% accuracy) of any Friday game. Greinke, as is usually the case, was right on the nose.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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