The 6 Best MLB Moments from Friday

There is crying in baseball.

There is Crying in Baseball


The vibe among Yankees fans has undergone a complete paradigm shift in just about a month. At the trade deadline in July you would regular see calls of “Fire Boone and Cashman” to “Sell everyone” echo throughout the Yankees Twitterverse, but now those voices have now gone silent (for the time being).

In the midst of their best winning streak of the season, things are going so well that some fans are crying because that they don’t want to leave Yankee Stadium. Want proof?


“Stone Cold” Luke Voit


For all you wrestling fans out there, two big things happened yesterday: 1) CM Punk is back! 2) Stone Cold made a guest appearance in the Yankees dugout!

Well, not that Steve AustinLuke Voit has been crushing baseballs and taking names over the past six games, slashing .500/.542/1.000 with 3 HR and 11 RBIs in just 24 PAs. Yesterday, Voit had his best game in a long time, going 4-for-5 with a dinger and 4 RBIs.

After his seventh-inning bomb, Voit charged into the dugout to chug some beer water and do his best Stone Cold impression.

Don’t forget to hydrate today with plenty of H2O!


It’s Never Too Young to Start Shimmying


We are in the midst of the Little League World Series! This is the first chance we have to watch baseball’s future stars play on the biggest stage of their lives.

Want a neat little fun fact? The first ever Little League World Series began 74 years ago today in Williamsport, Pa.

Back to the present day! We saw the next Johnny Cueto take the mound in Sawyer Todd for Washington. Just check out the two different types of shimmies he has in his repertoire.

It’ll be a great moment to look back on in 2038 when Todd leads the Kansas City Royals to another World Series win.


Wander Knows


Remember Bo Jackson? You know, that guy capable of crazy feats of strength, like breaking a perfectly healthy bat over his knee or slightly splintered one over his head.

Wander Franco evoked images of Jackson after his 10th-inning strikeout against Liam Hendriks.

It’s one thing to see a bat break horizontally at the handle or have a little vertical shard splinter away. But that solid maple bat shattered up the entire length of the barrel. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone so easily break a bat that way. Then again, there are few prospects who have earned an 80-grade hit tool.


Get a Win and a Base: Part Two


Although this happened in Wednesday’s game, Pitcher List writer Sean O’Leary had a couple unanswered questions. I’m here to provide the answers.

Kolten Wong and Yadier Molina go way back. From 2013 to 2020, they played in tandem, with Molina throwing bullets to Wong at second base, who would then apply a tag to runners in impossibly smooth ways.

Currently, Molina is the active career leader in caught-stealing percentage at 40.37%. For 2021, he’s posted an even-better rate of 43%.

During their Wednesday game, Wong tried to steal on Molina for the first time ever. And Molina couldn’t catch him.


Afterwards, Wong walked away with the bag, and Molina signed and inscribed the base with this:

Molina always will support his friends, even when they travel over to the division rivals.


Déjà Votto All Over Again


It seems like every single day we write about Joey Votto, and for good reason. What else can we really say? The dude is mashing right now like he took a swim with Ponce de León. And I know that literally yesterday Adam Sloate showed you a highlight of another Votto homer and the fan who caught it, but déjà vu happened all over again on Friday.

Here is Votto’s 28th bomb of the season.

And then here’s the reaction from the fan who caught it.


Expect to see another Votto home run/fan reaction in tomorrow’s recap as well.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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