The 6 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Baseball is beautiful canvas, and Brett Phillips holds the brush.

Well, that was refreshing. Can we all agree, no one should ever have to suffer through another Monday without baseball? The idea of it is so much worse in retrospect. It’s like starting a new job where everyone loves and respects you after years spent toiling for the man. Really puts things in perspective!

For example: This time last week, I had no idea this picture would ever come to be, or that it would change my life. Isn’t that funny?



Many magical things happened on Monday, the best of which I’ll get to in a moment. But first, a message from Bob Nightengale:



I encourage you all to do what you will with this groundbreaking information. I’m not saying you should flood his cameo queue with increasingly elaborate fictional requests until he cracks. But if I someone else were to say that, I would say, “hey, that’s a great idea.”

Oh, and this happened. I won’t be providing any further context, as I don’t feel it’s necessary.



With that, on to the best of the day.


Kwansanity Spreads


Raise your hand if you predicted the rise of Steven Kwan from unknown prospect to budding superstar in the span of four days! Okay nerd, put your hand down. Everyone hates you. Nice call, though. You really saw this coming?



Remarkably, Kwan still hasn’t slowed down. The weekend may be over, but the series wasn’t—and neither was Young Steve. You think we can call him Young Steve? I’m going with it. Anyway, this is what he did yesterday… just a casual bases-clearing triple.




While we’re here, please enjoy a full breakdown of Kwan v. KC via @CleGuardians (honestly, a twitter handle is almost as offensive as their old name).



Baseball: an Interpretive Dance


They say futbol is the “Beautiful Game,” but I do question that sometimes. Case in point: It’s impossible to watch this play by the Blue Jays infield only once.



Similarly, you can’t tell me this Jazz Chisholm tag is anything less than high art:



Then something like this happens, and I realize that they really are just showing off out there.



El Mago de Hielo


Speaking of things that just feel right: Javier Baez writing sweet, sweet poetry with his bat and glove. If you see this look, it’s definitely too late:



Lucky for us, good things come in pairs. Here he is flashing the leather:



Yeah, I think the Magic Man will do just fine in Motown.


Errors in Judgement


I’m told there’s never a boring day as a Mets fan. This day was no different, as they found themselves on the wrong end of a particularly odd redemption story. Enter the Philadelphia Phillies, their
Phanatic fans, and a man by the name of Alec Bohm. One thing you should know about this man is that defense is not his strong suit. Examples A, B and C from Monday:



After hearing it from the fans following error No. 3—his team now trailing by as many runs—Bohm was caught walking off the field with a few choice words:



And yet, the story did not end there. The Mets managed to out-Met the Phillies on this day, surrendering five runs in the eighth inning to lose the game 5-4. You’ve gotta see it for yourself:



And who was it that started the rally? None other than Alec Bohm, who led off the inning with a walk. After the game, he admitted to what he said and apologized to the fans. To be clear, I wouldn’t be surprised if they still hate him… but a win helps it go down smoother, no?


Brotherly Love


As soon as the Opening Day trade that sent Taylor Rogers to San Diego went final, a sick, twisted Best Moments Addict like myself couldn’t help but imagine the storylines: twin brothers made division rivals! 

As most folks know by now, Rogers belongs to a set of two: Giants reliever Tyler Rogers is his twin brother, younger by exactly 30 seconds. And on Monday, the two faced off as MLB opponents for the first time ever. It was pretty neat.

This event did not go unnoticed by the clubs, as they sent the brothers out to exchange lineup cards at the start of the game:



Naturally, they had to take the opportunity to snap a photo for the family mantle.



And this, ladies and gentlemen, is that photo:


Both Rogers wound up pitching last night, with one taking the loss and the other locking down the save, if you can believe it.
Baseball: simply the best.
Bretting Better All the Time

You knew we’d save the best for last, didn’t you? It wouldn’t be a true Best Moments feature without a POSITION PLAYER PITCHING. And as luck would have it, Monday’s PIP star was none other than Brett Phillips—a.k.a., the best to ever do it. He took the mound in the ninth inning of this lopsided tilt with the A’s, and immediately did something ridiculous:



If that wasn’t enough for you, we also got this gem of an interaction from the experience:



Yes, I’m aware he gave up a grand slam mere moments later. But let’s be honest, this is all we’re going to remember from this night:



Protect this man at all costs.


Bonus Moment: The Boink Heard ‘Round the World




I got nothing. Happy Wednesday, people.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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