The 6 Best MLB Moments From Monday

"Bass Hits" is my new favorite band name.

We begin our recap of Monday’s moments with this absolute gem of a Tweet from our very own guru and Sunday Night Baseball overlay expert Mr. Alex Fast:


Be right back, making several T-Shirts with “Bass Hits” on the front in different fonts, sizes, and colors. Maybe I’ll even open an online store and sell a few of them for some shekels or, perhaps, 100 Dogecoin for the set? I mean, it seems to be working for the A’s:



And while these wrap-ups are all about the best moments from the previous days’ games, but we did find out about a couple of bummer injuries:



Vomit emoji. And I think Christian Yelich agrees. I mean, this looks like he is disgusted by a terrible called third strike, but I think he just really hates injuries, especially those to really promising young players, as much as the rest of us:



To cleanse the palate, here are a few feel-good moments to get us warmed up for the 6 Best MLB Moments from Monday: a punny, warm welcome for Joc Pederson from the Cubs, a giant bomb from J.T. Realmuto into the second deck, and a dinger from Lorenzo Cain right off of the IL for the Brewers:



Good times. Let’s get this party started.


Manny Squared


There is nothing greater than the joy of a child at a baseball game. No matter how much we love it as adults, there is a purity to the happiness that children experience at the ballpark that just lives its own moment, frozen in time, that cannot be replicated as a grown-up. In San Diego last night, the world got a chance to share and revel in just such a moment (Look at little man’s little mask!):




What a moment. I cannot wait for a post-COVID world where we get to see more of this type of interaction and connection again. The best part was, as Machado was walking away, the little guy called after him: “I was really hoping to meet Tatis, could you tell him?”

That’s a joke. That part didn’t happen. I made that up.

I only wish that had happened because, LOL, that would have been hilarious.


Tyler Glasnow: Fun


Tyler Glasnow has established himself as one of the premier pitchers in baseball. His stuff is nasty and beyond fun to watch. He always seems to be enjoying himself and, at least in his public persona, doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously while also respecting the game in all ways. Anyways, here he is either forgetting the count, or that, despite being really good, he does still need to earn all three strikes before the batter is out:



Also, here he is making Mike Trout look silly. I mean, it’s only Mike Trout so no big deal, super easy, barely an inconvenience:



Getting to try and put the ball in play against Glasnow must be so much fun! All that swinging and missing and all…


Shohei Ohtani: Also Fun


We have all been waiting for Shohei Ohtani to put it all together, stay injury-free, and really show us what he can do on both sides of the ball. Well, so far, this is that year. Who doesn’t want this guy as your teammate:



Especially when he is also this guy:



Oh my.


Marcus Semien Returns to Oakland


When players return to play against previous teams, sometimes it’s a big nothing, but many times it’s quite sentimental and the fans usually do the right thing in honoring the guy. With so few fans in the stands, Marcus Semien didn’t really get the rousing ovation he deserved. But a tip of the cap to the Oakland A’s organization, who put this together for him:



And this moment too:



Class acts, all around.


Daniel Lynch, Debut


How do you not root for a kid making his debut? Yesterday, Daniel Lynch lived out the fantasy most of us had throwing balls against a wall, pretending we were striking out the side to win the World Series or some other fantastical nonsense that made us think we could play Major League Baseball as adults. And he delivered with finesse. Check. This. Out.



Also, not only was he good, but he also looks like Jim from The Office:



Congrats, Daniel! Maybe they should put that first strikeout ball in some Jell-O.


Luis Arraez Motors Home


Well, perhaps the Minnesota Twins‘ social media crew described it a bit better:



Here’s the video:



Love me some Luis Arraez.

And there you have it, Monday in a nutshell. Time to do your own version of whatever this dance is:



See you tomorrow for more super sweet baseball moments.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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