The 6 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Fireworks, a Pillow Giveaway, Doggie Ball-Boy and John Turturro?

It is a particularly special any year that the 4th of July happens to land on a Sunday because it really makes it a two-day affair with the observation of the holiday being on Monday (and clearly by observation what we all mean is “the day we get off from work”). I can personally attest to this as my neighborhood erupted in loud bangs and pops on both evenings.

Now being a party-pooper is not my go-to, but I am, admittedly, fine with playing the role. Real fireworks are fun. There is something almost primal about them; they always look largely the same but even when they are not novel, they are fascinating. The kind of fireworks that 12-year-olds (and they are always 12-year-olds, either by the letter or the spirit of the law) acquire from a family trip to South Carolina, however, are…

Siri, what is the opposite of awesome?

…unexceptional. They are the celebratory equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard or, for some people, the wave at a Major League Baseball game. This effect is only more so when you have skittish pets or young children (or, presumably, young pets and skittish children). This year, my girls handled it really well. I was pleasantly surprised. Last year there were tears. Many, many tears.

So you may be asking yourself, “Self, when is he going to talk about baseball?” and that would be totally fair. This long and winding road brings me to this moment; it actually happened on Sunday, the real fourth, but I am including in the review of Monday, July 5th partly because it’s sweet and wholesome and amazing (and partly because it involves an untraumatized child not being afraid of M-80s):



Other happenings that actually occurred on Monday include:



Mike Moustakas returned to Kansas City (albeit still on the IL):



There was this conundrum in Tampa Bay:



And this bringing together of looks-like-they’re-fighting-but-they-aren’t-fighting tremendous talent. I bet if they’d tried a little harder they could have picked a better frame to Tweet:



There were many videos going around of how guys found out about making the All-Star Team. This one comes to us from Texas:



There was this important anniversary:



This little dance:



And, finally, this obligatory Don Orsillo reference:



Now, let’s get to those Moments.


Happy Birthday, Shohei


It does not seem like I can get out of an article without mentioning Shohei Ohtani and, while I tried, I could not find a reason that that is a bad thing. On top of that, yesterday was his birthday:



And if his performance was not enough to land him in this list, then THIS definitely was:



How many tickets did that dude have?! Anyway, check eBay to get yours today (for what I am sure is a totally reasonable price)!

One final clip for your viewing enjoyment to celebrate his birthday:



Tampa Bay Rays, Dawg


Not much to say here, but the Rays turned a potential stinker of a night into a good one. This moment was a big part of that (note the looks on the faces of the players in the dugout below because that’s really where the fun lives here):



City (Dis)Connect


I am going to be honest with y’all: I thought I would absolutely hate the giant money-grab that is the City Connect uniforms. However, I have actually liked almost all of them. Not everybody looks great wearing them (see: Tony La Russa), the uniforms themselves have been pretty decent.

Until these. Maybe you like them and that’s totally fine, but you’re super totally and completely wrong about that!



There were responses:




This one definitely begs the question: What was 1998 John Turturro doing in a super-weird A’s alternate uniform from the 1970s? Time travel is real, people.

Kevin Gausman had feelings, too:



In all honesty, I’d rather wear this as part of my regular uniform:



Chase is on the case!


Awesome Moments


These moments definitely speak for themselves:



I’d be a little starstruck standing next to Freddie Freeman too, I guess.


Great Plays and Slick Moves


This article is really more about “moments” and not “highlights” but every now and then the “highlights” become “moments” anyway and so here are some of those:



More defense:



One heck of a throw (even if the runner was safe):



One heck of an infield hit:



And this quip from the Nats that also highlights how good Trea Turner is:



Oddly Satisfying


There should be a “r/” before that title to be honest. This thing is Reddit-worthy. Turn on the sound for this one (otherwise it’s a very boring clip of a ball being thrown):



Also of note is that Nick Castellanos once again hit a home run right in the middle of announcers trying to have a serious moment. In this case, they were honoring the life a serviceman named George A. Gorman:



His timing is impeccable. And speaking of timing, it is time to go. Grab your straw hat and throw it on if you had a good time!



Happy to be of service.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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