The 6 Best MLB Moments from Monday

If you like offense and Max Muncies, then Monday was your night!

Just another Manic Monday. A week ago we were all snuggled up with the Home Run Derby, watching Pete Alonso and company put on one heck of a show. Last night, in many ways, it was as if the Home Run Derby had never ended. There was a lot of offense. There were a lot of dingers. There was this through-line as well:



And this déjà vu:



And while we are taking a little gander at accomplishments past, we got this tidbit yesterday from Jomboy:



There was this very nice defensive play that was about a foot away from being an upper (and probably lower) body injury:



This one may leave you seeing double:



And here’s a position player pitching:



Did you catch the Mike Trout sighting?



And a pitch that would make Bob Uecker proud:



Finally, we have this magical moment for Shane Bieber that has nothing to do with baseball, but we offer our hearty congratulations!



Happy 99th Birthday!


I will not try to recreate all the wonderful words that have been said about Rachel Robinson, but this is a moment worthy of a place of honor. We thank you and we celebrate you!



Blowout Baseball


The Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 13-4. The Tigers beat the Rangers 14-0. Neither scored the most runs of the night, however. That honor goes to the Washington Nationals who put up an 18-spot:



The Marlins had a sense of humor about it at least:



There was more to this Nationals game, though. For that, we take a look at:


The Washington Nationals

Trea Turner? More like Trea Burner, amirite?



Juan Soto did his thing too:



And then, not unlike Britney Spears, he did it again. The difference here is that there was no “Oops” about it:



Those two dingers may not have been the most noteworthy baseballs to leave the yard, however. That honor belongs to Jon Lester. I know you probably think I’m making a joke about how Lester gave up some sort of moon shot, but that’s not it at all. Look for yourself:



The entire affair was kind of a success for Jon:



Two Firsts


Both the Red Sox and Angles saw young players achieve milestones. For the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the United States, it was Brandon Marsh getting his first MLB base-knock:



For the Red Sox of Boston of Massachusettes, it was Jarren Duran hitting his first MLB dinger:



The Sox hit a bunch of them but did not have their home run cart. So, while this is not Duran, here’s the video evidence of dugout creativity:



Meet Max Muncy (Again)



Also Max Muncy:



This was actually the back half of a back-to-back:



The best part of which are the Gavin Lux reaction shots:



Click it and look at that second image; trust me it’s worth it (but come back and finish the article after, duh).


Around the League


This is as close to montage as you can get in a written piece. Imagine 80s hair band music playing in the background and some of your life in slow motion and the effect will be complete. Here’s some stuff.


Tim Anderson has a 16-game hitting streak:



Gavin Sheets walked the game off:



Jesse Winker had a big hit:



Holy shift! The Tigers went all-in on Gallo:



And Gallo sent them tickets to his gun-show:



And the Minnesota Twins have graced us all with the term “GarvSauce” which I do not like, but Mitch Garver seems okay and is pretty good at baseball:



Checking in to see what Hansel Robles thinks:


He approves.

Have a Happy Tuesday everybody!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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