The 6 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Slick defense, dingers, a bat toss, kittens, and a praying mantis.

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the Best MLB Moments from yesterday, a Monday. I generally prefer to have some sort of lead into these articles; an anecdote or a quip that I can use to set things up as a means of easing all of you fantastic readers into the content and general flow of the overall piece. I have to admit to being a little stumped. I’m not quite sure exactly how to get this one off the ground,

I considered starting with Shohei Ohtani, as it has become almost pathological how I feel the need to include him every time:



However, I felt it was too easy to just plop a couple of random Tweets about how great a player is when we already all know just how great he is. Plus this happened too:



So obviously Ohtani stinks now.

My next thought was to kick this thing off with a truly wonderful moment in Tampa Bay honoring Diego Castillo who is now with the Seattle Mariners. It went like this:



The problem here is starting with something nice and kind like that, without having anything else in that same vein, feels arbitrary and disconnected.

And then it hit me (not actual footage):



The arbitrary, disorganized, disconnected, and non-sequitur—that IS THE THEME! So buckle up for the weird, crazy, and random but fun that is about to roll your way because:






Rocker-n-Rollin’ in Australia?



Whatever in tarnation this is, though it does come with undeniably great advice for both your personal and professional lives:



The dinger is great, but what’s up with that caption?



Some of “The World According to Joey Votto” which is either a compliment or a scathing indictment and, per the usual, you cannot tell which:



This, uh, this:



A new facial hair opponent has entered the ring:



A fancy-pantsy dancy:



And, finally, this admission of guilt in what should be A FELONY:



Baseball, Meet Mother Nature


We all know the power of nature. Whether it is a tornado’s raw power, the intensity of a hurricane, or the weeds that I cannot seem to control around my yard and garden, it is incredibly difficult to contain natural phenomena including plants and animals.

In this case, to be more on-point: kittens and insects.

Check this Yankee Stadium situation:



Look how it just toys with them (in a manner far more entertaining than the real-life musical or movie adaptation thereof mentioned in the Tweet itself):




However, lest you think that this was the only incident of non-human participation in America’s Pastime, I give you this:



Maybe this is a Ratatouille situation and the mantis is really the on-field talent? I would also like everybody to know that I spelled the name of that movie correctly on my first try here and I think I deserve some sort of official recognition for that. Maybe not quite as much recognition as the person who made this deserves though:



Jo Adell, Pheonix Rising


We all know how much helium there was for Jo Adell and how highly anticipated his first go-around in the bigs was. We all know how terrible it was for him despite his obvious talent and excellent track record in the minors.

Today he came back up, confronting his experiences and being pretty open about what he went through:



I was already rooting for this kid, but now more than ever. Good on you for facing the lows so you can go after your dream and chase those highs. They’re coming.


Eric Haase, Great at Baseball, Great at Lawns


There is nothing better than seeing famous people just doing the same mundane stuff we all have to do. It’s humanizing and lets us all feel a bit more connected to our idols and heroes. I mean, we all have to do laundry, right?!

On the other hand, we can’t all be AL Rookie of the Month:



Also, we may not all be able to cut grass like this champ either:



What can I say? I’m more of a sucker for a good dad moment than the mundane moment moments.


A Few Sweet Dingers


These speak for themselves. There are no words. They are indescribable. Look, you can see for yourself:



Some Stingy Defense



And Lastly, New Team Debuts


An exciting trade deadline means that a whole slew of players have been making debuts on teams they weren’t playing for a week ago. Here are a few from yesterday:



So there you have them, the Best MLB Moments from Monday.

I guess…



Y’all grab a frog from a pond if you know what I’m talkin’ about:



Kool-Aid Man voice: “Ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaahhhhhhhhh.”


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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