The 6 Best MLB Moments From Saturday

Training jackets are back in a big way, baby!

It’s always nice to get to sit down on Saturday afternoon and just watch 11+ straight hours of baseball, but sometimes I get the worst possible thing you can see on an MLB.tv split-screen:

Thankfully these horrible moments are generally far and few between, so let’s get into the good stuff that isn’t ad breaks…


Fancy Footwork


There’s a lot to be said about the Yankees as of late, but so much of it is a little too straightforward for this article (8-0-2 in their last 10 series, you love to see it,) but yesterday we got to see an example of the much-vaunted, seldom-seen umpire athleticism as Chad Whitson has to think fast to dodge a hot shot off the bat of Brett Gardner.

I obviously know that attempting a single MLB-level play would cause my body to explode into a billion tiny pieces, but I think I could maybe pull this one-off.


deGrominating At All Positions


I’m sure you all heard about how Jacob deGrom showed up to his Low-A rehab start and really jammed some minor leagues into their lockers:

Jake’s back with the Mets, but apparently, he’s not content with just being the best at one role in the battery:

Lefty hitting catcher with a plus arm? I could see some interest there…


A Professional Frameup


Last week I mentioned how much I enjoy the phrase “The Tools Of Ignorance” because it’s so off-base for how important catchers are to a successful game, and last night Martín Maldonado showed that if nothing else, catchers are loyal and industrious:


I’m not sure if there’s any amount of framing one can do to salvage a ball that clearly bounced short of the plate, but honestly, with how this year has been going with some of the ball/strike calls, it’s worth a shot.


Return Of The Kaz Pt 2


Back in April, it was Sean Kazmar Jr.who was making his return to the big stage. But yesterday, it was Scott Kazmir who was back on the mound in San Francisco, roughly 17 years after his debut, with some interesting links to both his coach and his manager:

It’s also serendipitous that he would be pitching against the Dodgers since apparently, they are uh, still his employer in some ways?

The timing is also pretty perfect since it means he gets to face Albert Pujols, who he first faced way back in 2005…take a gander at these lineups if you wish to crumble into dust and blow away on the breeze with me:

Time remains undefeated.


Rizzo Knows His Worth


As one half of the famed souvenir company Bryzzo, Anthony Rizzo knows exactly how much his related memorabilia is worth. And in this case, it’s a pretty low price, honestly:

I really do appreciate the long history of ball players scamming food off of fans in various ways, it’s nice to be reminded that the love of overpriced nachos is universal.


LaMet Gala


I told you all I loved the pitcher-on-base-with-a-jacket-on look, and Dinelson Lamet got to walk the catwalk base paths in these fine SD threads last night:



Featured image by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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