The 6 Best MLB Moments From Saturday

Lessons aplenty this week.

Well, we don’t get any extra days off this week but that doesn’t mean Saturday’s games are any less worthy of our time, and this week there’s lots to be learned. Such as it doesn’t matter which end of the bat you hit the ball with, you always have to be prepared to face defeat, and just because there are two outs it doesn’t mean you can’t hit into a 6-4-3. Some of these lessons are more fun than others.


Checking Out


Yesterday afternoon, Billy Hamilton struck out in a…strange manner when you watch it in realtime:


HP umpire Dan Merzel immediately calls it a foul ball and out even though it appears that Hamilton checked what was barely even a swing to begin with, until you slow it down:


I can’t recall ever seeing a foul tip strikeout like this before. I’ve seen bat kob foul balls, and bar knob HBPs (some more infamous than others) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bat knob foul tip into the mitt. That’s some quick reflexes from both the catcher and the ump and some real luck.

Shout out to PL+ member Burial for bringing this one to my attention, as I had the game in one of the small boxes and had no idea it was a foul tip K.


Cutch Wins, Then Loses


I’m a big fan of Andrew McCutchen, as we all should be, so I was happy to see him launch this three-run homer in the bottom of the fourth inning on their way to a 5-2 win over the Nats.


But even in this moment of triumph, there is a reminder to be humble, as Cutch tempered his win at the plate with a loss on the basepaths:


I can only hope Dusty Wathan keeps track of his win/loss record over there at third base.


Hangin’ Out With Gio


It’s time for the Yankees and Red Sox to play each other and that means both teams are trying to really be on top of their games. In the top of the first we got to see Gio Urshela provide an example as he ranged way to his right to make a sparkling play:


But that’s pretty standard webgem stuff which isn’t what we’re really here for. So I want to call your attention to Gio’s follow-through after the throw, just chilling out in the netting that he’s become well acquainted with as of late.


Oh, to be so relaxed, even for a second


Classic 6-4-3


Of course, this being the 2021 Yankees they had to go on to lose the game after hitting the ball into the ground a bunch of times and nothing seems to capture that energy and the season so far like this “groundout” from Aaron Judge:


Just your standard 108.7mph exit velo that ended up as a 6-4-3…single play? Seems fitting.


Hotel, Motel, Runs Batted Inn


Taking a break from the big leagues to show off some serious power on display down in AA. It’s too bad there’s no Baseball Savant feed for the minors because I would really love to see the exact stats on this dinger:

I know the title says MLB, but this was sent out by an official MLB Twitter account, and MiLB is pretty close, right? Plus I got to make that pun in the header which is really the important thing.


Big Same


I’ve only ever come close to catching one foul ball in my life (I’m not counting the Gary Sanchez line drive that ended up several rows in front of me because it would have almost assuredly killed me if it didn’t deviate) and the fact that I didn’t come up with it still haunts me to this day. So this little girl’s two-handed grip is definitely relatable. Or aspirational I guess?

Either way, dear reader, please carpe the diem with both hands and have a good week.


Featured image by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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