The 6 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

Dogs, finger guns, and traveling 750 miles. Wednesday had it all.

Well, everyone, we only have two Wednesdays left in the regular season. It’s been a long, fun season and we’re coming to an end. But, it’s not over just yet! We still have a ton of time for some fun playoff races and even better content. So, let’s take a look at what happened on Wednesday, shall we?


Such A Good Boy


Minor League Baseball is full of all sorts of shenanigans. If you go to just one minor league game a year, chances are you’re going to see something a little wacky. Whether it’s on or off of the field, you’re going to enjoy what you see. Wednesday was no exception, as we saw some of the best baseball content there is to see: Dogs and baseball.¬†

Two of the best things in the world are cute dogs and watching baseball. So, why not mix them? Sure, pace of play might be something that baseball can fix, but when it’s a dog, how could you be mad? I mean, he saw grass and people throwing a ball to one another. What was he supposed to do? He’s just having fun.

Let Rookie play!


The Frank Schwindel


Since being traded from Oakland to the Cubs, Frank Schwindel has been raking. When you rake, you have fun. Yet, it seems the Cubs first baseman is having even more fun than normal. 

The diving play was good enough. Anyone would smile after doing that. But Schwindel gets up and points at Kyle Hendricks right away. He doesn’t even skip a beat. It makes me wonder if the two had talked about something like this before, and he was reminding Hendricks about it. Or, maybe, he was just telling the right-hander, “I got you.”


Check His Pulse 


Giants’ rookie Camilo Doval has been up and down from the minors for a while this season and has shown flashes of good stuff. On Wednesday, after a good inning against the Padres, which included a strikeout and a double play, the Giants’ dugout had to make sure he was okay.¬†

You know you’ve had a good inning when your teammates have to check your pulse. Was he actually conscious while pitching? Well, that’s one way to find out. It seems as if Doval appreciated it, smiling at the joke. That seems like a fun end to a good outing.


Slip ‘n’ Slide


When you’re an infielder, some of the hardest plays to make are popups that make you run towards the stands. You have to look to make sure you’re not going to run into the fence or into the crowd while also tracking a ball to make an out. Yet, Nolan Arenado made it look easy, as he does with most plays he makes.

Arenado, while on the run, made a basket catch with his back towards the field and used to tarp to break his fall. That slide on the tarp looked kind of fun, didn’t it? It makes me want to throw some water on it and use it to slide. It just brings me back to good times, really.


Press Circle To Spin


We’ve all played Madden or pickup football and wanted to spin and make whatever we were doing look smooth. Well, Brandon Crawford did that on Wednesday. Effortlessly. He continues to be ridiculous as a defender.¬†

On the run, he has the awareness to spin instead of trying to stop and make this throw while balanced, likely slowing him down. Not only that, but he throws an absolute¬†strike to Brandon Belt. He makes it look so easy. That is something that is either fun or frustrating, to be honest. Either you love it or you think,¬†“How¬†does he do that?”


Travel Baseball


Just because you live in a certain place doesn’t mean that you root for the team closest to you. Or even that your favorite player is on that team. Hell, you could root for a player or team all the way across the country. That’s what makes baseball and sports so great. On Wednesday, we saw a fan prove this to us.

This is real dedication. Not only did he get to see Matt Chapman play, but Chapman also homered. If that doesn’t make you love baseball, I’m not sure what will. This is awesome. As Sarah said, baseball is the best.

Well, we only have one Wednesday left. Let’s make this week a good one. Have a good Thursday.

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