The 7 Best MLB Moments from Monday

Trades, rumors, pastel suits, fire bombs, a star's return and more!

Welcome to the first day of trade deadline week. That also means, welcome to “random rumors some of which are substantiated and others which are not and you can’t really tell which is which before something happens and even then after it happens because it could have just been a weird coincidence” week.

Also, apparently, welcome to “run-on sentence” week.

There are rumors linking Anthony Rizzo to the Red Sox and José Berríos to any team that thinks it might win. There was a deal between the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates with Clay Holmes heading to the Bronx. Pending the exchange and, I assume, acceptance of medical reports, the Cubs and A’s have a deal in place sending Andrew Chafin to Oakland. Both Trea Turner and Trevor Story have been linked to just about every possible MLB team out there. In fact, MLB put this out on Twitter:



Max Scherzer and Richard Rodriguez may be on the move as well. This time of year is exciting, but also frustrating; it’s nearly impossible to sort fact from fiction and know what is actually likely and what is bluster and noise. We will return to trade news shortly, but before we do, let’s take a moment to appreciate the other content circulating yesterday.

There was this Tweet from the Marlins which I can only hope means they were flying commercial and not that they had a rough encounter with a viral variant:



This totally awesome mascot hangout:



This highlight of Nick Pivetta’s night:



This lowlight of Nick Pivetta’s night (with a Friends reference for good measure, clap, clap, clap, clap!):



This potential proof of either time travel or being able to exist in multi-dimensional space such that you can be in two places at once as the same dude:



This amazing moment for a @PitchingNinja fan, with kudos to Rob for catching and promoting it:



This dinger that gave the BoSox a come from behind win for the second night in a row:



And this Tweet that either means that Andrew McCutchen did something really great and the Phillies want to celebrate, or really bad and his mom wants to have a word:



One final thing to share will help segue into the first official segment of this piece, and I will let it speak for itself:



Adam Frazier, San Diego Padre


The news came down yesterday that Adam Frazier, formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates and owner of a .324 batting average and 130 wRC+ so far this year, will be heading to San Diego to play all of the infield and outfield positions that he can to justify getting his bat into that already super fun lineup:



The Padres also Tweeted this out:



There’s a Ron Burgundy joke in here somewhere with a reference to the body parts of whales, but I can’t find it so you’ll have to do your own dirty work on that front. For now, you’ll just have to imagine him in the lineup with this guy:



Obligatory Ohtani


Some of you may be getting tired of always seeing me include Shohei Ohtani in these write-ups, but as long as he keeps being other-worldly levels of awesome, I really have no choice (yes I do, but I mean, c’mon). Since that is currently scheduled for the Thursday after never, you are just going to have to grin and bear it.

This feels like old news, but it shouldn’t. This is still downright amazing, and only the beginning.



He also has a sense of humor about him.



He did drill him in the wrist later though:



And once did this to a teammate:



Even if he’s tapping you in the pills, you have to acknowledge, he’s amazing:



Jorge Soler, Hotter Than the Sun



Eloy’s Back, Alright!


What’s more exciting than seeing a player get excited to come back from a tough injury that hindered our excitement for an otherwise exciting first half?



This came from his own Twitter account:



MLB took notice and had this official social media release (with a design surely coming to a cap near you):



And the White Sox marked the occasion as well:



Walk it Off, Philadelphia


Andrew McCutchen was not in trouble with his mom. In fact, he was not in trouble at all (except maybe with the moms of the opposing team’s players):



Do a little dance, Andrew. You’ve earned it:




Aaron Civale, Good Dude


This is a one-clip section, but it deserves the space. This is #verygoodstuff from the Cleveland pitcher:



The Rest of the Best in No Particular Order



(and the companion to the accomplishment):




And finally, this gaffe that is a “Best Moment” for the entertainment of it alone:



And, much like Scott Chu’s mustache (@ifthechufits), that’s a wrap. Except for one last trade rumor:



It’s understandable given the heat he brings:



But, alas, there was not truth to the unsubstantiated claim:



Until next time!


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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