The 7 Best MLB Moments from Sunday

Sometimes, baseball is just too much fun!

After a frustrating week of game postponements, controversial calls, and injuries to some of the best players in baseball, for one night on Sunday, everyone just seemed to have fun. Let’s jump right into a wonderful day in Major League Baseball.


Sensational Shane Bieber


History was made once again on Sunday (many times, actually), this time by reigning American League Cy Young winner Shane Bieber, who became the first pitcher since 1893 (when the mound was moved to its current location) to record at least 10 strikeouts in his first four starts of the season. A remarkable, dominant effort from the Cleveland starter, whose form has only improved since his Cy Young award last season.


Oh, and here’s another record he achieved.


I mean it is one thing to break a record, but Bieber is on a different level right now. His performances are phenomenal week in, week out. As this other bit of history tells us.


Why so many strikeouts you may ask? Well, his arsenal is stocked, loaded, and firing on all cylinders. Check out this filthy knuckle-curveball to ring up opposing pitcher Wade Miley yesterday. Dang!



You can see why he enjoyed his Sunday so much.




Everyone loves a dodgy bit of baserunning followed by an entertaining rundown between the bases. Well, we might never see such an enjoyable one as this ever again. Chicago Cubs slugger Anthony Rizzo just couldn’t believe his luck when his good mate Freddie Freeman tried to steal a base with an ill-judged bit of running. When the ball was tossed to Rizzo he was staring down an oncoming Freeman with a big smile on his face. What happened next brought a smile to everyone’s face.


The banter continued in the outfield later in the game as the two reminisced about their special moment together.


It was a beautiful moment for the love of the game.




Justin-Turner Overdrive


Justin TurnerΒ is one of the characters in the Dodgers locker room, we all know that too well. So, he will have to endure having some of his own medicine thrown at him by his teammates who no doubt enjoyed his little stumble today in the game against the Padres.


Gotta love that safe call from Trevor Bauer too.




Marcus Stroman is having a wonderful start to the year. He led the Mets to another win today on the back of eight astounding innings on the mound where he allowed a run on just three hits whilst recording five strikeouts across 90 pitches. He didn’t just do it with his nasty splitter either, he showed off his athleticism, agility, and arm strength…well, maybe not all his arm strength on this throw to first.


That behind-the-back pick-up was pure fire, though. Hats off to you Stro!


MLB Closed Captioning, We Missed You!


There is nothing like an imperfect voice-recognition algorithm to make Sunday baseball that little bit more fun.


It also threw up a rather interesting new nickname for Atlanta reliever, Tyler Matzek.



What Is Happening In Oakland? (Again!)


It was the famous quote during that historic 2002 Oakland A’s season when Scott Hatteberg hit a walk-off dinger to record the A’s 20th win in a row. The momentΒ relived so superbly in the film Moneyball, could well come true once again as remarkably after a hapless 1-7 start to the season, the A’s have now won eight straight games after defeating the Detroit Tigers today in walk-off fashion to improve to 9-7.

Mitch Moreland was responsible for a walk-off hit to record the A’s first win of the season against the Dodgers, and he was at it again last night to keep the momentum going in Oakland.


Sunday Swings!


The Sunday swings are back.


Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns of Twitter)

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  1. Bryan says:

    It’s refreshing to look at the lighter side of baseball instead of just focusing on the stats. Thanks for these articles!

    • Benjamin Haller says:

      Thanks, Bryan. Glad you are enjoying these daily highlights. It’s heaps of fun writing them too.

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