The 8 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

Nelson Cruz, Brandon Belt and... Giannis, apparently?

Folks, it’s starting to get real. One week from today, the calendar turns to September. That means big games, pennant races, and some oh-so-chilly nights dripping with tension at the ballpark. Lemme tell ya, watching the ninth inning of Braves-Yankees last night got me excited. It also got me very upset, but we can talk about that later. For now, let’s focus on the important thing: the end of the road is in sight!

Also, slightly less important (but not much), here is Adam Wainwright with some homemade pickles.

I should add the one good part of last night’s game for this tired fan—Frederick & Anthony, together again!

The only thing you’ll see that’s better may be this moment at the Little League World Series yesterday, featuring former star Mo’ne Davis and current star Ella Bruning:


Now here’s another fun thing, courtesy of the endlessly creative atMariners team:

Another sign of the times, perhaps more poignantly, was the commemoration around baseball yesterday for the second annual Kobe Day (8/24). In L.A., the Dodgers all got in the spirit for the late Laker great, giving us this beautiful shot:

Some things are about more than sports, it seems. Now, let’s talk some more about sports. I present the eight best moments from Tuesday!


Freakishly Excited

Since we’re already crossing sports boundaries, let’s get started with another NBA great representing at the ballpark: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Finals MVP, new Brewers’ part-owner, and all-around great dad. Here he is taking in the sights in Milwaukee, accompanied by his son Liam:

Taking your kid to a ball game? First-rate parenting. Gotta start ’em young. And he certainly seemed to enjoy it…

The Antetokounmpos were treated to a dramatic late-inning comeback win, as the Brew Crew scored six runs in the seventh and eighth to win 7-4. here’s a live update on Giannis’ mood, per sources:


Woah, Nellie!

As Giannis has probably realized, trying new things can be fun. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone every now and again. This lesson should give me the necessary transition to talk about Nelson Cruz, a noted Old Dog who was instructed to learn a new trick yesterday: first base! How about that?

Despite having zero experience with the position, Nellie held his own. He made no errors, and pulled off this slick scoop in his very first opportunity:


And, of course, he didn’t stop there. Cruz went 3-4 in the game and knocked in the game-winning runs with this hit:


They say defense doesn’t slump, but when you’ve got Nellie’s bat, it may just be the other way around.


Yankstars Rolling

I have a theory. Three weeks ago, on August 2nd, the Yankees stole what meager powers the Orioles had, Monstars-style. That was the last time the Orioles won a game—they’ve now lost 19 straight. These guys really believed, too…

Aug. 2 was also the last time the O’s beat the Yankees, who took the last two games in that series and have won 18 of 21 since. The latest victory came in Atlanta last night, as Wandy Peralta came in the ninth to relieve a struggling Aroldis Chapman and induced a game-ending flyout from Freddie Freeman with the bases loaded. It all went downhill starting with this Giancarlo Stanton missile:

My one consolation is this brave Brave fan, who would not be stopped from expressing his opinion of that particular hit.

Way to fight for the cause, fella. And good luck A’s, they’re your problem now.


BFFs (Baez & Francisco Forever)

Tuesday was a special day for one other reason: Francisco Lindor was activated by the Mets after a lengthy absence, which is reason for all baseball fans to celebrate, especially because it meant the long-awaited debut of the Lindor and Javier Baez infield combination. Look at them!

@MLB was all over this developing story yesterday, as you can see from the double post:

As it turns out, the two Puerto Rican sluggers were perfectly synced up from the gate. They both went hitless in a loss to the Giants, each striking out once and leaving three men on base. Now that’s commitment. Baez was so excited, he broke out the mammo swing on this pitch… but he just missed it.

Great start guys, keep it up!


Representing the Brand

After two and a half years in Boston, Michael Chavis was one of many players who found a new home at the trade deadline this year. Now a Pittsburgh Pirate, he seems to be adjusting well — or at the very least, he’s shown some impressive dedication to his new club:

There must’ve been something special in those laces because they gave Chavis a little extra spring in his step Tuesday. He launched his first homer as a Pirate in the third inning:

Yarr! Argh! Whatever works, Mike. Just keep doing that.


Air AJ

With all due respect to the Nelson Cruz play from earlier, the play of the day was pretty obvious. That honor goes to AJ Pollock, who snatched this Manny Machado home run last night and retrieved it from the great beyond.

Holy wow. GET UP YOUNG FELLA. But seriously, we need to see what this guy saw:

All I know is that could be one hell of an NFT.


The Old Guard Keeps Chuggin’

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that Yadier Molina is older than Miguel Cabrera? Okay, it’s not that surprising, I guess. But it does go to show how impressive Yadi’s continued production has been while playing catcher every day for the past 18 years. And now we know it’ll be at least one more year. But even so, this could be the last time we see these two fading stars face off.

Wait, did I say fading? My bad. I should probably put some respect on the guy who just hit career dinger no. 500 on Sunday, and proceeded to do this in his next game:

Miggy’s bomb would prove to be the difference in the game, as Detroit won 4-3. Old guns still got it.


Belt Buckled

Finally, let’s close this out with the best story of the night. That’d be Brandon Belt and his touching tribute to his grandmother, who he said passed away on Tuesday.

But of course, the story doesn’t stop there. What do you do when you promise someone you love that you’ll win for them? You keep that promise, obviously.

Belt went 4-5 on the night, and polished off the performance with a second home run, setting a new career-high with his 19th of the season:

Wherever she is, I know Grandma liked that.

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