The Nastiest 16 Pitching GIFs from Spring Training – Finals

We've gathered the 16 nastiest pitching GIFs from 2019 spring training. We're on to the final round! Which one was the best?

Spring training has come and gone, with the real games already underway. There has already been a load of impressive pitches to start the regular season, but spring training had quite a few worth noting.

Before we start any tournaments involving the 2019 regular season, let’s decide which was the best pitching GIF from spring training. It’s the final round. The remaining contestants will shock you.

While none of these games mattered, winning this tournament is another story entirely.

Here are the rules:

  • All GIFs were pulled from 2019 spring training.
  • You can only vote on a matchup once, so make sure you pick the one you absolutely want.
  • Voting will continue until 12:00 a.m. EDT the following morning. This is the semi-final round.


Featured Image by Justin Paradis (@freshmeatcomm on Twitter)


Here are the results from for Round 1:


American Bracket


1. Yusei Kikuchi’s Curveball def. 8. Dakota Hudson’s Slider
2. Adam Ottavino’s Slider def. 7. Kyle Wright’s Slider
3. Chris Paddack’s Curveball def. 6. Nathan Eovaldi’s Fastball
5. Aaron Nola’s Changeup def. 4. Jack Flaherty’s Changeup


National Bracket


1. Jordan Hicks‘ Fastball def. 8. Trevor Bauer’s Changeup
2. Adam Ottavino’s Fastball def. 7. Andrew Miller’s Slider
3. Jordan Hicks‘ Slider def. 6. Justus Sheffield’s Changeup
4. Matt Boyd’s Slider def. 5. Alex Reyes‘ Curveball


Here are the results from for Round 2


American Bracket


1. Yusei Kikuchi’s Curveball def. 5. Aaron Nola’s Changeup
2. Adam Ottavino’s Slider def. 3. Chris Paddack’s Curveball


National Bracket


1. Jordan Hicks‘ Fastball def. 4. Matt Boyd’s Slider
2. Adam Ottavino’s Fastball def. 3. Jordan Hicks‘ Slider


Here are the results from the semifinals:


American Bracket


1. Yusei Kikuchi’s Curveball def. 2. Adam Ottavino’s Slider


National Bracket


1. Jordan Hicks‘ Fastball def. 2. Adam Ottavino’s Fastball 


Here is the matchup for the finals:




1. Yusei Kikuchi’s Curveball vs. 1. Jordan Hicks‘ Fastball 


Watch the GIFs in the Links Below!

Yusei Kikuchi’s Curveball vs. Jordan Hicks‘ Fastball


Full disclosure, Yusei Kikuchi’s curveball was the No. 1 overall seed entering the tournament. It landed in such an awkward spot and handcuffed Joey Votto into submission. As much as it’s Kikuchi’s hook, it had some life to it. Yet, Kikuchi has had to scratch and claw the entire way to the final round, knocking off Adam Ottavino’s slider in a stunner last round. Jordan Hicks powered through Ottavino in the semis too. “Powered” might be the best very to describe that matchup, actually. Hicks’ fastball comes in at a whopping 103 mph, through the dang front door. Good luck hitting that. (Side note: How did two Ottavino pitches make it to the semis, only for them to both come up short? At that point, Ottavino vs. Ottavino seemed inevitable. Was it too meta or something?)








Which was the better pitch? Vote to decide which pitch advances to the next round!

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Nick Friar

Nick pitched at Northwestern University from 2011-14. He firmly believes the answer to every count and situation is a changeup — probably because he only topped out at 91. Nick runs the GIF Tournaments at Pitcher List. If you see a pitch that deserves recognition, let him know on Twitter @Nick_Friar. Maybe give him a follow, too? Or not. Actually, "not" might be the right answer here.

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