The Nastiest Pitches of the 12th Week of the Season From 6/14 – 6/20

Week 12's Nastiest Pitches is a balanced mix of breaking balls, changeups, and even two different kinds of fastball. Check out this week's GIFs and vote for your favorite pitch.

Every week, we review the nastiest pitches from the previous week in glorious HD GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and check back on Saturday to see if it will be in contention for the GIF of the Second Quarter Contest. Week 11’s winner was Chaz Roe’s Slider #2. Roe’s slider has ridiculous Backyard Baseball left-hook like horizontal break.

Week 12’s nastiest pitches includes the breaking balls that voters seem to love the most, but also a few changeups and a couple fastballs to mix things up nicely.

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Hector Rondon’s Two-Seam Fastball




Hector Rondon has fallen down the pecking order in the Astros bullpen since his role as injury replacement closer last year, but he still has top-of-the-line stuff. This two-seamer eats Luke Voit alive as it breaks onto Voit’s hands at 98 mph.


Max Scherzer’s Changeup 




The way Max Scherzer popped off against the Phillies offense, you wouldn’t be able to tell he broke his own nose on Tuesday if he wasn’t sporting an impressive black eye on the mound. Striking out 10 batters over seven innings of work, Scherzer brought his season ERA down to 2.62, which ranks among the top five in the National League.


Jacob deGrom’s Changeup




The Mets offense finally showed to back up a masterful performance from Jacob deGrom. The reigning NL Cy Young winner was dominant, striking out 10 Braves in 8.1 innings. Although there were many nasty pitches thrown by the Mets ace, I opted for his first strikeout of the night, a changeup that froze Freddie Freeman for a backward K.


Luis Castillo’s Changeup




Luis Castillo is back at it again with his absolutely filthy changeup. His victim this time around was his opposing number on the mound, Wade Miley. As an AL pitcher, Miley isn’t used to hitting, but I don’t think any player in the majors would be able to lay off this disgusting change that gets some wild movement.


Kyle Crick’s Slider




Kyle Crick just continues to deal with his insane slider that can make any hitter in baseball look absolutely foolish. Yesterday, it was more of the same from Crick, who used the disgusting breaking ball to strikeout two Marlins hitters over 1.2 innings, including this filthy pitch that runs away from the strike zone.


Chad Green’s Fastball




Oh boy, is Chad Green back. He’s been phenomenal since he’s returned from the minors thanks to disgusting pitches like these. This fastball looked driveable too, before it switched to sixth gear and zoomed away. Just another weapon in the Yankees ‘pen. Ho hum.


Rich Hill’s Eephus




I’d be lying if I said Rich Hill getting the titular spot in this roundup wasn’t mostly because I’m excited to have an eephus. Luckily though, it also has a very legitimate case for being the winner today. With Friday’s win over the Cubs, Rich Hill now takes a 2.60 ERA into his next start. With the Giants next on the docket, that ERA should only improve.

Which was your favorite pitch? Vote below and the winner may be featured in the GIF of the Second Quarter Contest.

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Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

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