The Nastiest Pitching GIFs of the First Quarter 2018 – ROUND 2

It's ROUND 2 of the Nastiest GIF Tournament of the First Quarter! 8 filthy pitches remain, vote and determine the best pitch of the season!

We’ve seen incredible pitches over the first two months of the baseball season, and you’ve been voting every day for your favorite pitches. Yesterday, we voted on 16 pitches and only eight remain. Here are the results:

Aroldis Chapman’s Fastball defeated Shane Greene’s Fastball – Review

Noah Syndergaard’s Fastball defeated Jordan Hick’s Fastball – Review

Jose Berrios’ Curveball defeated Blake Treinen’s Slider – Review

Miles Mikolas‘ Curveball defeated Shane Greene’s Slider  – Review

Justin Verlander’s Curveball defeated Luis Severino’s Slider – Review

Adam Ottavino’s Slider defeated  Chaz Roe’s Slider Review

– Jose Alvarado’s Fastball defeated Brandon Morrow’s Fastball – Review

– Lance McCullers’ Fastball defeated Seth Lugo’s Fastball – Review

As we enter Round 2, here’s a recap of the rules:

  • All GIFs were pulled from the six GIF of the Week competitions across the first six weeks of the baseball season.
  • Every winner was granted an automatic bid, with the extra slots being hand selected by the staff across all Nastiest Pitches articles.
  • There was one instance of a pitcher having two eligible pitches of the same type (Adam Ottavino’s slider) and we held a poll on Twitter to determine which pitch deserve entry.
  • Votes will last until 12:00am EST the following morning, with the next round starting at 9:00am every morning and final round beginning on Monday morning.
  • The great Michael Haas has created a gorgeous bracket of all 16 pitches above, with breaking balls and fastballs each receiving #1-#8 seeds.

Here are the matchups for Round #2:


#1 Aroldis Chapman’s Fastball vs. #4 Noah Syndergaard’s Fastball
#2 Lance McCullers’ Fastball vs. #3 Jose Alvarado’s Fastball

Breaking Balls

#1 Justin Verlander’s Curveball vs. #5 Adam Ottavino’s Slider
#6 Jose Berrios’ Curveball #7 Miles Mikolas‘ Curveball

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