The Rays Strike Back (to Back!) and the Top 9 Bat Flips of Week 3

A fresh batch of bat flips for ya. Get em while they're hot!

Here we are, yet again. Already three weeks of baseball have come and gone, and with another week comes a new set of earthshaking bat flips! Enjoy watching these beasts unleash raw power as they send these baseballs to orbit. Here we go!


9. Mauricio Dubon vs. Kyle Freeland



8/6 – SF @ COL

414ft, 99.4 mph, 33° launch angle

If you’re anything like me, you were angrily punching the air when Mauricio Dubon connected off of Kyle Freeland for this no-doubt three run salvo Thursday afternoon. Freeland had spun a gem so far, shutting out San Francisco across 6.2 strong innings before he was left in to face Dubon with two on and two outs. Dubon took advantage of the tiring pitcher and crushed the first pitch he saw, dropping the bat like a microphone from his hands just after contact. You can even see his face breaking into a smile as he connects and recognizes what he’s done. Boom. Day ruined.

Style: 7.5


Hearts Across America: Broken


8. Brandon Lowe vs. James Paxton



8/9 – NYY @ TBR

409ft, 103.8 mph, 27° launch angle

James Paxton had a rough afternoon Sunday as he became the first pitcher to hold the dubious honor of being posterized on this list twice in one week when he gave up back to back blasts to Rays infielders Mike Brosseau and Brandon Lowe. After Brosseau unloaded on an inside fastball, Lowe took Paxton’s outing from bad to worse when he turned on a hanging slider and deposited it beyond the cutouts in right field. After the big swing he gave his bat a spirited flip before clocking a respectable trot around the bases.

Style: 7.5

Rotation: 180°

Déjà Vu: 9


7. Luke Voit vs. Touki Toussaint



8/11 – ATL @ NYY

422ft, 104.3 mph, 33° launch angle

Even in a lineup filled with titans like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, Luke Voit’s home runs tend to stand out. Touki Toussaint got a firsthand demonstration Tuesday as Luke Voit pulverized this 1-1 offering for a three-run bomb before flipping his bat forward for the coup de grâce. Looking like a child bored of his toy, Voit dismissively shoved his bat forward before embarking on his victory trot around the bases. Next!

Style: 8

Rotation: 180°

Gold Chain: Popped


6. Trevor Story vs. Robbie Ray



8/10 ARI @ COL

433ft, 105.4 mph, 28° launch angle

Trevor Story continues to find himself featured on this list week in and week out, but I guess that’s what happens when you crank dingers and toss lumber like he does. His contribution this week is a freeze-frame bat drop after lining a frozen rope into the stands off of D-Backs starter Robbie Ray. It looked like Story initially thought he had pulled it foul and paused a few moments to see it go out, but the end result was a quick pose before nodding “Yeah, I got that out.” A veteran move by Story as there is no way to look like a bigger jabroni than by pimping a home run only to see it land foul or just short of the wall.

Style: 8

Rotation: flat 180°

The Mountains: Blue


5. Tim Anderson vs. Matthew Boyd



8/12 – CWS @ DET

405ft, 105.9 mph, 27° launch angle

Tim Anderson celebrated his return from the injured list with a bang this week as he went 4 for 5 with a home run and a triple Wednesday afternoon against the ailing Matthew Boyd and the Tigers. Boyd knew he was in for a rough day here as Tim Anderson fought through a 10 pitch at-bat to get to a curveball that caught just a little too much of the plate to start the afternoon with a long home run. Boyd’s day didn’t get any better, as he soldiered on through 4.2 innings of 7 run ball. Yeesh. But Tim definitely set the tone for a big day here as he shook off the bat like an out of style coat, making another addition to his collection of absurdly chill bat flips.

Style: 8.5

Rotation: Shrugs

Clout: 9


4. Fernando Tatís Jr. vs. Merrill Kelly



8/8 – ARI @ SD

394ft, 110.2 mph, 26° launch angle

Fernando Tatís Jr. continued his torrid pace with another monster week as the phenom continued to crush everything in his path, including another four home runs. This display of showmanship came courtesy of D-Backs pitcher Merrill Kelly, who was greeted by a booming bat drop after he left a pitch up to Tatís in the bottom of the first. It’s becoming increasingly clear that San Diego is Tatís’ house now, and he’s happy to let you know.

Style: 9


Swagger: Off the charts


3. Mike Brosseau vs. James Paxton



8/9 – NYY @ TBR

408ft, 103.7 mph, 31° launch angle

Mike Brosseau got ahold of a diminished James Paxton fastball and sent it to Montreal in his second AB against the Yankees southpaw Sunday afternoon. His 2 run home run kicked off a 4 run comeback in the late innings, and was immediately followed up by a Brandon Lowe blast to tie the game. Brosseau’s cool and collected bat twirl here clearly was a tipping point for the Rays momentum, and a reminder for his teammates to relax and stay loose at the plate. The Rays rallied with back to back bombs to knock Paxton out of the game, and held on to claim the series victory.

Style: 9

Rotation: 540°

Paxton’s Velo: MIA


2. Ronald Acuña Jr. vs. Deolis Guerra



8/9 – ATL @ PHI

368ft, 103.7 mph, 28° launch angle

Ronald Acuña Jr. made a loud impact Sunday, knocking three home runs in the afternoon as the Braves swept the Phillies at home in a twin bill. His home run here in Game 1 helped Atlanta mount a 5-2 comeback, before taking Game 2 8-0 on the back of a 4 for 4 performance by the young star. Acuña displays his natural bat flipping ability here with a cerebral backhanded flip as he rounded the bases against bad-day-haver Deolis Guerra (0.1 IP, 2ER. Ouch!).

Style: 9

Rotation: 540°

Fiñesse: 9


1. Brian Goodwin vs. Mike Fiers



8/11 OAK @ LAA

411ft, 102.5 mph, 36° launch angle

Oh my. Brian Goodwin detonated on this Mike Fiers cheese and sent it screaming into the night, 411 feet and about 10 rows back to left-center. Almost more impressive is the way Goodwin sent his bat tumbling down the first base line with a flick of his wrist. This monster swing seemed to get lost amongst the other Angels home runs hit Tuesday night, including shots by Anthony Rendon and Jason Castro earlier in the inning. This fantastic bat flip, however, will get its day in the sun as this week’s Bat Flip of the Week.

Style: 10

Rotation: 180°

Bat Distance: 15 feet


We hope you liked this week’s run of the Best Bat Flips from around baseball. Remember, as always, to let me know if you disagree with the rankings, or if I missed any swings in the comments below or on Twitter. Until next time!


Photo Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Michael Packard (@designsbypack on Twitter & IG)

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