Tough Players to Value Pt. 2

Pete & Chad dissect some players who are hard to value for 2023

Keep or Kut – Pete (@PeteBBaseball) and Chad (@chadyoung) continue down a list of players who they think will be hard to value going into 2023 drafts. This time around there are no pitchers, but quite a lot of outfielders. From the seemingly zapped power of Ronald Acuña Jr. to the extremely up-and-down season of Seiya Suzuki, Chad and Pete touch ’em all.

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1:27 – Seiya Suzuki has had a roller coaster of a debut season. Regardless, Chad thinks that the final result is most likely reflective of what we should expect next season. Pete is holding out hope it could get better, but wants to see some improvement in that lineup.

12:03Tyler O’Neill was a major let down for folks this season. Chad found something odd about pitches in the heart of the plate, and Pete thinks the ban of the shift could help O’Neill after looking at his wOBA vs the shift in comparison to his wOBA with no shift.

28:40 – What happened to Ronald Acuña Jr.’s power? Him or Aaron Judge for 2023?

39:28Jesse Winker is turning 30, still can’t hit lefties, and might be in a crowded outfield, so Pete thinks he is out on him. After doing some reading by author Michael Ajeto, Chad thinks Winker’s issue could be mechanical.

46:53 – Pete is blaming any of his losses on Ketel Marte (completely unfairly, but man was he high on Marte!). Chad acknowledges the long period of time where Marte posted an elite wRC+, so maybe there is hope, but also wonders if the balls negatively impacted Marte.

54:35 – Chad and Pete want Joey Gallo to go some place that will be low-pressure and result in everyday at-bats.

1:02:03Taylor Ward’s wRC+’s by month are crazy. Could his shoulder have prevented him from a monster season, making him a great buy in 2023 drafts?

1:05:45 – Is Oneil Cruz solving his strikeout issues, or are they still too shaky and the position too deep?



Pete Ball

Pete Ball is a graduate of Emmanuel College and a die-hard Red Sox fan. Most of his work for Pitcher List can be heard, not read, on the Keep or Kut Podcast. Download and listen to hear his undying love for Tanner Houck.

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