Video: The Top 150 Pitches of 2018

Sit back and enjoy ten minutes of the Top 150 Pitches from the 2018 Season.

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It’s a new year and as is tradition we have put together a special video that everyone can enjoy. Sit back and enjoy ten minutes of the Top 150 Pitches from the 2018 baseball season:

Here are all pitches listed in order as they appear in the video (loosely based on date thrown):

  1. Chris Sale Slider
  2. Luis Severino Slider
  3. Noah Syndergaard Fastball (x2)
  4. Masahiro Tanaka Splitter
  5. Jose Alvarado Fastball
  6. Justin Verlander Curveball
  7. Luis Castillo Changeup
  8. Jose Berrios Curveball
  9. John Axford Fastball
  10. Jameson Taillon Curveball
  11. Miles Mikolas Curveball
  12. Seth Lugo Fastball
  13. Chris Archer Slider
  14. Johnny Cueto Fastball
  15. James Paxton Cutter (x2)
  16. Nick Pivetta Curveball
  17. Shane Greene Slider
  18. Chaz Roe Slider
  19. Jose Berrios Curveball (x2)
  20. Shane Greene Fastball
  21. Bartolo Colon Fastball
  22. Shohei Ohtani Splitter
  23. Trevor Richards Changeup
  24. Chris Sale Slider
  25. Mike Foltynewicz Fastball
  26. Chaz Roe Slider
  27. Jeurys Familia Splitter
  28. Jakob Junis Slider
  29. Stephen Strasburg Changeup
  30. Adam Ottavino Slider
  31. Clayton Kershaw Curveball
  32. Nick Pivetta Slider
  33. Jordan Hicks Slider
  34. Lance McCullers Fastball (x2)
  35. Adam Ottavino Slider
  36. Tyler Glasnow Curveball
  37. Noah Syndergaard Fastball
  38. Clayton Kershaw Curveball
  39. Garrett Richards Slider
  40. Blake Treinen Slider
  41. Jose Alvarado Fastball
  42. Jose Berrios Curveball
  43. Chris Sale Fastball
  44. Chaz Roe Slider
  45. Blake Snell Slider
  46. Marcus Stroman Changeup
  47. Brandon Morrow Fastball
  48. Mike Soroka Fastball
  49. Aroldis Chapman Fastball
  50. Luis Severino Fastball
  51. Carlos Martinez Slider
  52. Sergio Romo Slider
  53. Luis Castillo Changeup
  54. Luis Severino Slider
  55. Miles Mikolas Curveball
  56. Aaron Sanchez Fastball
  57. Chris Sale Slider
  58. Aroldis Chapman Fastball
  59. Justin Verlander Curveball
  60. Kelvin Herrera Slider
  61. Yu Darvish Slider
  62. Noah Syndergaard Fastball (x2)
  63. Justin Verlander Slider
  64. Jose Berrios Curveball
  65. Nick Pivetta Fastball
  66. Blake Treinen Fastball
  67. Fernando Rodney Fastball
  68. Mike Clevinger Slider
  69. Mike Foltynewicz Slider
  70. Carlos Martinez Slider
  71. David Robertson Curveball
  72. Tanner Roark Fastball
  73. Steven Wright Knuckleball
  74. Blake Treinen Fastball
  75. James Paxton Fastball
  76. Trevor Bauer Curveball
  77. Craig Kimbrel Curveball
  78. Jose Alvarado Fastball
  79. Anibal Sanchez Eephus
  80. Patrick Corbin Slider
  81. Mike Clevinger Slider
  82. Danny Duffy Fastball
  83. Aaron Nola Fastball
  84. Jimmy Yacabonis Fastball
  85. Trevor Bauer Slider
  86. Steve Cishek Slider
  87. Zack Greinke Curveball
  88. Blake Treinen Slider
  89. Jeremy Jeffress Fastball
  90. Blake Snell Curveball
  91. Jake Arrieta Curveball
  92. Nick Kingham Slider
  93. Chris Sale Fastball
  94. Dylan Floro Fastball
  95. Brad Peacock Slider
  96. Trevor Bauer Curveball
  97. Blake Treinen Fastball
  98. Luis Severino Slider
  99. Aaron Nola Curveball
  100. Chris Sale Slider
  101. Daniel Poncedeleon Changeup
  102. Blake Treinen Fastball
  103. Jordan Hicks Fastball
  104. Chris Archer Slider
  105. James Paxton Curveball
  106. Trevor Bauer Fastball
  107. Corey Kluber Fastball
  108. Masahiro Tanaka Fastball
  109. Matt Davidson Curveball
  110. Jakob Junis Slider
  111. Blake Snell Curveball
  112. Noah Syndergaard Fastball
  113. Brandon Dixon Knuckleball
  114. Touki Toussaint Curveball
  115. Max Scherzer Changeup
  116. Aaron Nola Curveball
  117. Alex Cobb Splitter
  118. Adam Ottavino Slider
  119. Jake Arrieta Curveball
  120. Chaz Roe Slider
  121. Brad Peacock Fastball
  122. Adam Ottavino Slider
  123. Mike Foltynewicz Fastball
  124. Joe Biagini Curveball
  125. Aaron Nola Fastball
  126. Jordan Hicks Fastball
  127. Corey Kluber Curveball
  128. Aaron Nola Curveball
  129. Jose Berrios Curveball
  130. Zach Britton Curveball
  131. Taylor Rogers Curveball
  132. Chaz Roe Slider
  133. Corey Kluber Curveball
  134. Jimmy Yacabonis Slider
  135. Jordan Hicks Fastball
  136. Dylan Maples Slider
  137. Chaz Roe Slider
  138. Sergio Romo Slider
  139. Jesus Reyes Fastball
  140. Nathan Eovaldi Cutter
  141. Zach Britton Fastball
  142. Chaz Roe Slider
  143. Adam Wainwright Curveball
  144. Clayton Kershaw Curveball
  145. Gerrit Cole Slider
  146. Josh Hader Fastball
  147. Rick Hill Curveball
  148. Nathan Eovaldi Fastball
  149. Clayton Kershaw Curveball
  150. Chris Sale Slider

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

2 responses to “Video: The Top 150 Pitches of 2018”

  1. Nick Gerli says:

    Was hoping to hear some Strapping Young Lad in the background. Can’t get everything you want I guess!

    Great job on the video. Aesthetically I love the look of the Alvardo and Axford type fastballs. Pitches with that velo shouldn’t be able to move that much.

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Almost Again would be so good…

      But it’s not for everyone while these pitches are. Gotta think of everyone else first :)

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