5 Reasons the D-backs Should Bring Back Their Purple-and-Teal Uniforms

A young team in retro uniforms looks to future possibilities.

If you’re a baseball uniforms enthusiast, you probably spent last weekend savoring the Arizona Diamondbacks’ retro uniforms, which were part of their 25th anniversary celebration.

The D-backs have not worn their purple and teals since 2021, but Nike granted them a special dispensation for the festivities.

And they looked good.

It turns out, Zac Gallen is a big fan. On Monday, he posted this:


He followed up with a poll because, as Gallen explained, he had a feeling “the fans were missing them.” This kind of data, he said, would perhaps provide “that little bit of evidence to show the front office.”

Gallen was surprised by the results.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a landslide in terms of the votes and the responses,” he said Tuesday in the D-backs’ clubhouse at Coors Field.

I realize this is not exactly scientific research, but that’s an impressive number for an online poll.

So I thought I’d follow up by asking other players their thoughts. As it turns out, the D-backs  and manager Torey Luvollo are mostly supportive.

Here are 5 reasons why the D-backs should return the purple-and-teal uniforms to their rotation.


5. The look is classic 


Pinstripes are never a bad choice, and the vests are iconic. “It’s traditional, old-school baseball, and I love that,” Luvollo said.

As Geraldo Perdomo put it, “I think it’s the best uniform we’ve got.”

Merrill Kelly is not fully sold on the uniform — more on that in a minute — but he’s clear about the pinstripes: “I like the pinstripe idea,” he said. “I’ve always been a fan of pinstripe unis.”


4. They allow players to show off other facets of their game


Luvollo called attention to the added benefit of allowing players to show-off a bit.

“I remember when there were some ‘gun shows’ back in the late-’90s when these guys were all flexed up with no sleeves. I think it’s a great look,” Luvollo said. He’s referring to those fitted undershirts that give a modern twist to a classic look.

It’s safe to say that the current D-backs took the opportunity to do some “flexing” as well.

Let the kids play, indeed.


3. The colors work


In addition to liking the look, Gallen has another reason to advocate for this uniform: “My favorite color is purple,” he said.

You know, baseball needs more purple. It already has red — so much red (e.g., the Red Sox, the Angels, the Guardians, the Nationals, the Cardinals — the list goes on). Currently, only the Colorado Rockies wear purple, which leaves a void the D-backs are perfectly positioned to fill.


Plus, like Gallen, most of the players are enthusiastic about the color. “Everyone loves the purple, everyone loves the teal and the pinstripes,” Alek Thomas said.

Kelly, though, just isn’t a purple enthusiast.

“Purple’s not necessarily my cup of tea,” he said, though he does like the teal.

(To be fair, Gallen and Kelly are having a friendly disagreement. But Kelly adds that he would take the retro uniforms if the reds were retired because he believes the D-backs should limit their red jerseys to Spring Training.)

Christian Walker highlighted a different element of the color scheme. “I think it’s cool to wear that cream color,” he said.


2. The fans (mostly) like them


Go back and review Gallen’s online poll. The overwhelming sentiment is positive with some fans urging Gallen to press the issue with those in power. Here’s a sample comment.


Agreeing with the fans, Perdomo said, “These are so nice. I think we should wear them more.”


1. They harken back to the D-backs’
World Series win


Teams ought to celebrate the great moments in their history, and for the D-backs, that is surely 2001.

”It’s getting back to when we won the World Series,” Thomas said, a point echoed by Perdomo: “We won the championship with those uniforms.”

Who can forget?

It’s a look ripe for revival by a young team on the cusp of contention. The D-backs probably have both the NL Rookie of the Year as well as an NL Cy Young finalist/winner on their roster, players who represent the D-backs’ future. Connecting a young and exciting team to a great moment in its history seems like an obvious step.


According to Gallen, the front office “definitely took notice of (the retro uniforms), so maybe, it’s in the back of their mind.”

Generally, these matters are complicated undertakings that involve contracts and production issues.

Still, Diamondbacks, the moment to strike is now. Bring back these uniforms.

As Zac Gallen put it, ”I think the old uniforms just look awesome.”


Renee Dechert

Renee Dechert writes about baseball and fandom, often with a focus on the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks. (She's also an English professor, but the baseball is more interesting.) Follow her on Twitter (@ReneeDechert) or Bluesky (@ReneeDechert.com).

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