Aaron Nola’s Curveball + the Nastiest GIFs from Sunday’s Games

Jason Dunbar looks at Sunday's nastiest pitches, including offerings from Aaron Nola, Luis Castillo and Trevor Cahill.

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Aaron Nola’s Curveball – Nola put up just two strikeouts against the Marlins on Sunday, but, dang, did he ever send this one down a black hole against Derek Dietrich. Happy Nola Day!

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Trevor Cahill’s Curveball – Cahill’s knuckle curve featured a vertical drop Sunday similar to that one water slide you can’t bring yourself to hurtle down because you juuuust might puke at the end. And the hook was death to lefties, as he buzz-sawed several of them tight inside. Here, Detroit’s Mike Gerber served as on of Cahill’s 10 K victims.

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Cam Bedrosian’s Slider – Melky Cabrera got the better of the Angels reliever in this at-bat with a single, but not before Bedrosian got him to whiff on this filthy inside slide piece.

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Keone Kela’s Curveball – Kela struck out two of the four batters he faced and featured a curveball that induced three whiffs on six thrown. Kolten Wong added to that total when he went down hacking in the eighth inning.

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Luis Castillo’s Fastball – Castillo didn’t have an outlandish amount of whiffs against the Nationals with 10 total—seven of those on his changeup. Still, he got the best of Bryce Harper with this bendy 97 mph heater.

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Walker Buehler’s Slider –I don’t need this thing. Do I need this? I don’t need this, right? George Springer may have been questioning a few things as he bent down to pick up his helmet and recover from this bit of Buehler trickery. The Dodgers rookie was fun to watch as he picked up 8 K’s in 5.1 innings against the defending champs.

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Kirby Yates‘ Splitter – The Padres reliever yoinked Anthony Rizzo with this splitter down and in as the Cubs first baseman took a brief knee. Yates got him looking soon after to end San Diego’s 10-6 win.

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Masahiro Tanaka’s Two-Seamer – Tanaka broke out the cartoonish action on this fastball to get Boston’s Andrew Benintendi looking on Sunday Night Baseball. The Yankees starter ended up with nine strikeouts in 4.1 innings.


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