Bucco Cheerleaders and 6 Rockin’ Things from Thursday

End-of-summer talent shows and retirement celebrations, oh my!

Since the season was so short, we got to skip over the whole “Dog Days Of Summer” phase, and while the playoff field is rapidly coming into focus, it looks like teams will be jockeying for seeding position until the final out on Sunday. I was pretty mixed on this season when it started but it sure has packed a lot of drama and excitement (and sadness, and anger, and everything else) into just a couple short months. Thanks to everybody who’s read my recap ramblings during this regular season, it’s been a real blast writing them!

OK enough sap, let’s get to the good stuff.


Your Pittsburgh Bullpen Dancers


It’s been a pretty rough season for the Pirates this year, although some fans are looking to the future and have been excitedly following the chase for the #1 overall pick. That all took a backseat yesterday as they handed the Cubs a 7-0 drubbing. One of those runs came off the bat of Adam Frazier as he sent one deep into the RF stands in the 3rd inning. And then we got to see this:




I guess when you have such a big crew just chilling in the bullpen all season you have some time to kill, and what better way to get to know each other than some sweet sweet choreographed dance moves? Later in the game, the Pittsburgh broadcast interviewed professionally trained singer Steven Brault, and I feel like he had to have a hand in this Broadway-on-the-Allegheny chorus line. He definitely had a hand in this sick burn on starter Chad Kuhl, though:




Brault brings the heat, even from the seats!


Gordo Hangs ‘Em Up And Lays ‘Em Out


Thursday brought us news that 2020 will be the final season for Alex Gordon, who officially announced his retirement after 14 years in KC.



In the third inning last night, the KC broadcast showed a highlight reel of Gordon’s impressive defense, which garnered him seven Gold Gloves and one Platinum Glove over the course of his career. And while a supercut of him robbing home runs and making diving grabs is impressive, my favorite has to be the time he snagged a ball while flying into the stands and absolutely trucked an opposing fan.




Dude’s smiling the whole way down though, so it’s all good.


More Infielders!


During their game in San Francisco yesterday, the Rockies were facing down a bases-loaded, one-out, extra-inning situation and decided that seven players on the infield dirt weren’t enough, so they pulled an outfielder in to make this mess of humanity:



It all worked out as Trevor Story made a great play on a hard-hit grounder to cut down what would have been the walk-off run, and the Rockies ended up winning 5-4 after 11.



Triple Double Triple


Last night in Cleveland, Yoán Moncada hit a triple, making it his third triple in as many hits, as Sox broadcast Jason Benetti points out. (Side note: one of the best parts of writing this article is getting to listen to that White Sox booth, it’s fantastic.)



Although it’s been an underwhelming offensive season for Moncada in 2020, three triples in a row means you’re hot at the plate, and in this case, manager Rick Renteria used a towel to help him cool off once he got back to the dugout.




JsD Martinez


Up in Boston, José Iglesias joined his former Tigers teammate JD Martinez for his usual pre-game stretching routine.




Although I’m sure José was mostly kidding when he went out there, maybe he should look at making it part of his usual routine as he went on to smack a casual 400-foot oppo dinger in the 4th inning.



Hernández Signs Off


The Dodgers have been the source of at least a few meme-worthy celebratory things recently, most notably Max Muncy’s famous “Get it out of the ocean” line. But if you, like me, have not kept up on their various base hit celebrations this season, let Enrique Hernández run you through them quickly following his RBI single last night, with interpretation from Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser:



I was going to say Enrique needs his own signature move, but actually, I think it might be funnier (which is the most fitting thing for him) if his signature is just running through everybody else’s as fast as possible.


Ryu: Beyond The 6


Hyun Jin Ryu stifled the Yankees last night, going 7.0 IP, 5 H, 0 ER, 2 BB and 5 K, but it’s the inning pitched that merits a shout out since it helped end a notable year-plus long drought for the Blue Jays:



That’s some healthy separation between them and the second place team on that list, sheesh…

Asher Dratel

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