Eloy With A Swish And 7 Magical Things From Wednesday

Net again, Eloy!

Zack Greinke and Javy Baez believe in themselves, and I believe in Rhys Hoskins – no matter how many outs he made today. This is Wednesday baseball.


Nothing But Net


Eloy Jimenez has thrice – thrice! – jumped into the left field netting at Guaranteed Rate Field. Eloy’s third trapeze fail of the season came in Wednesday afternoon’s tilt with the Tigers.

Luckily, the ball landed in foul ground (unlike on Christian Yelich’s inside-the-park home run earlier this season) – so Jimenez actually got to enjoy his time in the hammock.Β 

Instead of a net, how about we put a ball pit out there? Just a thought.


Juan Soto Bests Himself (And Ties Frank Robinson, Ken Griffey Jr.)


Juan Soto hit the longest home run of his career on Tuesday.

That lasted all of a day. I’ll keep my analysis here short: Ball go far.Β 

Enough talk, amiright? Let’s see the thing already:

Later, the Mets tried getting him out with a lefty. Nice thought. Even got two strikes on him. Good job, Mets.

Soto, of course, countered with his flat-footed, two-strike stance. He choked up on the bat. He hit it out. These are Juan Soto things.

Keep in mind: Juan Soto won’t turn 22 until October.


Off To The Races


Freddie Freeman isn’t known, necessarily, for his foot speed. But he’s working on it.

Maybe Freeman and Luke Voit have a longstanding foot-speed rivalry. Maybe Freeman loves to hit doubles so much he decided to tag along for Voit’s. Maybe he saw a spider. Who knows.

Either way, this is a man who loves baseball.


You Can’t Steal It If Zack Greinke Gives It Away For Free


Zack Greinke is maybe the most cerebral pitcher that we have in the game today. He’s a veteran, he’s savvy, he dances to the beat of his own drummer. Which is to say: he makes his own decisions.

Typically, the catcher will flash the sign to the pitcher because that way, the batter can’t see the sign. Not Greinke. He wants to throw the slider, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Suddenly, I realize why Greinke might not understand the significance of his teammates’ stealing opponents’ signs.

Not only does Greinke not really need his catcher – he doesn’t need the umpire either.

Isn’t it just the worst when someone is disappointed in you? You’ll get it next time, Blue!


Bo Bichette Gets A Lesson In Analytics


Bo Bichette had four singles by the time he came up to bat in the eighth. That’s when he realized there was a much more efficient way to up his total bases.

That’s the power of analytics. Here’s another number with power: number 11. He plays for the Blue Jays.

But he’s not the only one with pop on this Toronto/Buffalo squad. After trailing 8-0 to the Marlins, Toronto homered in 6 straight innings, culminating in Bichette’s long ball above. Then Travis Shaw realized they actually needed one more.

Then, because this is baseball, they lost. But what can you do? Even with Bichett’s power, 11 can’t beat 14.

Live by the numbers, die by the numbers.


He’s The Best


Chicago Cubs shortstop Javy Baez was asked about Franscisco Lindor today.


“He’s the best, but I’m El Mago.” You must be, because that was magic.


A Three-fer Of Two-fers


Rhys Hoskins did something tonight that hasn’t been done by a Philadelphia Phillie since Placido Polanco. Spoiler: it’s not a good thing.

It’s unfortunate when some of the most fun things that happen in baseball make you revel in the misfortune of others. But three double plays?!?

That’s fun.

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