Fantasy Baseball Daily Hitting Recap: 9/28/23

Breaking down notable hitting performances from yesterday’s games.

Chuck Nazty

Charlie Blackmon (COL): 3-5, 2 2B, HR, 2 R, 2 RBI, SB.

It doesn’t happen too often when I get to write about the Colorado Rockies doing something positive like beating the Dodgers. They did in fact achieve their first 100-loss season this year, which I know is insanely hard to believe considering they are the Rockies.

Side note: I had a Lyft driver the other day in Denver who was an old-time Denver dude, which is rare these days with all the transplants. The Rockies came up and I brought up how good the Rockies marketing is because when I was a kid I thought the Blake Street Bombers played good baseball. His response? “Well, they did, they went to the playoffs every year.” This is what we are working with in Denver as far as Rockies fans. For those keeping track at home, the Blake Street Bombers were Larry Walker, Vinny Castilla, Andres Galarraga, and Ellis Burks. The nickname was coined in 1995, the only season that era went to the playoffs and they were swept by the Braves. They wouldn’t go to the playoffs again until 2007 on the back of their insane September run into the NLDS and NLCS, but then were swept by the Red Sox in the World Series.

I could go on and on about the Rockies’ ownership, fanbase, and just overall incompetence. I just deleted two paragraphs (you’re welcome), but this article isn’t about that. It’s about Charlie Blackmon, a player who is perhaps on the Mount Rushmore of Rockies players, or at least vying for a spot.

The Rockies haven’t played meaningful baseball in September since 2018 when Charlie was in his prime. He’s in the autumn of his years and one thing the Rockies do well is anyone who has played more than like 2 years for them (not named Nolan Arenado, Dick Monfort is probably still bitter), will always be able to come back and get in the lineup.

Thursday, Chuck led the charge against the playoff-bound Dodgers with a home run and two doubles helping the Rockies to a 14-5 victory. It’s games like this that help brainwash young Denverites, like I once was, into thinking this team has any future. Oh to be present at the game where the Angels beat the Rockies 25-1.

It’s still up in the air if Charlie plays next year. I have seen rumblings that he wants to come back to the Rockies, cause why not, it’s a paycheck and we’d give him 10 mil for some reason. He’s at the end of his career, but it was a fun career, one that is great to look back on. My buddy has run into him while fly fishing a few different times; here’s hoping he retires so I’m now able to run into him at Deckers. The Rockies are very lucky to have a guy like Charlie in their corner, and he will go down a Denver legend.


Let’s see how the other hitters did Thursday


Elehuris Montero (COL): 3-4, 2B, HR, 4 R, 2 RBI, BB.

I have just what everyone wants, which is more information and stats on Rockies hitters. Offense was a bit scarce throughout the league tonight, but not for the boys in the purple pinstripes. Montero hit a home run, scored 4 times, and drove in 2 to help the Rockies with their lopsided defeat of the Dodgers. Montero had a decent amount of hype going into 2023, hype that he did not live up to. The “center-piece” of the Nolan Arenado deal, he has big shoes to fill. Big actually isn’t the right word—impossible shoes to fill is more accurate. I had a little faith in him heading into 2023, but as of now, I don’t see anything here. But hey, he’s slashing .317/.385/.529 over his last 30 games, so who knows? Easy guy to keep an eye on since he is most likely available in even the deepest of dynasty leagues.

Brenton Doyle (COL): 2-5, 2B, 3B, R, 4 RBI.

One more Rockie. It could’ve been two more, shout out to Sean Bouchard on a good night at the plate. Brenton Doyle is actually interesting heading into 2024. Ezequiel Tovar and Nolan Jones showed that they are absolutely a part of the future plans in Lodo. Doyle is the sneaky third player who is 100 percent going to play every game in 2024 because he grades out as one of, if not the most skilled defensive centerfielder. The problem is, he grades out as one of the worst hitters in baseball. He has an OPS+ of 47, pretty cool. I say he is interesting in the way I said Jose Siri was interesting heading into 2023. Their defense is elite and they will be in the lineup every night. If Doyle can put up any offensive numbers at all, he is a plus for the Rockies but also could become a decent fantasy option. He is a deep, deep league stash, but all I’m saying is just keep an eye on him starting the season. And he had 20 stolen bases this year, so he can at least put up some points.

Miguel Cabrera (DET): 2-3, HR, 2 R, 2 RBI, BB.

I’m sorry that I subjected you to all of that Rockies talk. Let’s cleanse our palate with Miguel Cabrera hitting a home run. I’ve loved all of the send-offs for Miggy at the end of the year, especially the A’s giving him a bottle of Caymus. One, he’s a recovering alcoholic. Two, if you are going to spend close to 100 dollars on a bottle of wine, there are a lot cooler wines out there not named Caymus. I’m not a Papillion guy, but even that would’ve been a more classy move.

Anyway, Miggy doesn’t drink wine, but he is one of, if not, the best player of my generation. It’s Pujols and Miggy in my eyes. Miggy’s peak years were special. This was a big home run for Miggy but also for his legacy. Long live Miggy and I hope he has a lovely retirement.

Kiké Hernández (LAD): 2-4, HR, 2 R, RBI.

On the other end of the Rockies’ blowout victory were the lowly Dodgers who are probably only going to win like 101 games this year. Must be tough being a fan of the boys in blue. Kiké added a home run and 2 runs to the score total Thursday but it wasn’t enough. For 2024, Kiké will remain Kiké . Like all players, keep an eye on him. There was once a time when Kiké was a decent play for power and speed. But with that being said, I don’t see much out of Kiké for 2024.

J.D. Martinez (LAD): 2-4, HR, R, 2 RBI.

Now this is podracing. I mean, this has been a shocking 2023 from JD Martinez. The Dodgers magic has been in full force this year with what they’ve done to Martinez and Jason Heyward, both arguably having the best year of their careers. How do they do it? Seriously, someone needs to do an investigative journalism piece into how they get away with this. I have no idea where JD plays next year but it feels like it’ll be the Dodgers. They always have pieces on the farm, Jonny Deluca probably won’t suck one day, but JD just seemed to fit too well. Will he repeat this year? Probably not, but who knows! As I’ve said before, keep an eye out.

Michael Massey (KC): 2-4, HR, R, 2 RBI.

I was pretty high on Massey heading into 2023. He has a great hit tool and was going to be given all of the opportunity in the world by the Royals. Turns out, baseball is hard and he didn’t do so well first half. His second half has been better, but he still hasn’t shown that he can be a reliable fantasy player heading into next year. He’s only 25 so anything can happen, but I am a bit skeptical about what he can do moving forward. Second base fluctuates from having no one to having everyone it seems, so again, keep an eye. He, like Montero, is most likely going to come free in any dynasty league.

Jared Triolo (PIT): 2-5, 2 2B, R, 2 RBI.

Who is Jared Triolo? No, I’m asking you, who is Jared Triolo? Over the past 30 games, the man is slashing .319/.441/.484 but his slug has picked up over the last 15 posting a .625. He doesn’t have a ton of at-bats but with over 150 under his belt, and an OBP of .393, there could be something here. In my dynasty leagues, I always zero in on teams who have a losing record or close to a .500 record and try to find their next big player. The aforementioned Nolan Jones is a great example. Since they play on a bad team they receive less hype and are, therefore, cheaper. I don’t think much of Triolo but I do like an OBP above .350. Do I have to say it again? Keep an eye.

J.P. Crawford (SEA): 2-5, 2B, 2 RBI.

The night would not be complete without bringing up JP Crawford, who single-handedly helped keep the Mariners season alive. Bottom of the 9th, Aroldis Chapman loaded the bases, the Mariners got to 2 outs without scoring a run, and in steps Crawford to play hero. He sliced a ball over Evan Carter’s head to win the game. Mariners basically have to win out to make it to the playoffs this year, but it can be done. I’m looking forward to Friday’s game.

Garrett Mitchell (MIL): 1-1, 2B, R, 2 BB.

The Brewers are close to having a really good outfield. Yelich, Mitchell, Chourio—that could be insane. Garrett Mitchell tore his labrum at the very beginning of the year. Since the MLB season is long, he was able to recover in the time it takes to play an MLB season, which is wild. Before the injury, he was actually kinda sorta breaking out for fantasy, even though his profile came with a lot of swing and miss. He’s looking down the barrel of a 30% strikeout rate, but because the power and speed are there, he could be a great option for fantasy. I grabbed him at the start of August and have a feeling he is going to play in my lineup a lot next year. The only thing to look out for is if the Brewers sign Canha to a one-year deal. If they do, it will kill Mitchell’s playing time.

Seth Klusmire

Seth Klusmire is a Fantasy Baseball writer here at Pitcher List. His past writing credits were with BSN Denver (now DNVR). He is a certified Sommelier and would happily suggest which wine pairs with what team.

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