Transition to Keepers with Raymond Atherton

Chad and guest Raymond Atherton talk keeper leagues and Ottoneu

Keep or Kut – With Pete (@PeteBBaseball) away, Chad (@chadyoung) is joined by Raymond Atherton (@raymondatherton), co-host of the Fantasy Aceball podcast, to talk about his move into keeper leagues, playing Ottoneu, and to break down a few players who are carrying or crushing his teams so far this year.

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2:08 – Raymond’s shift from redraft to keeper and looking at some unique rules in his leagues

16:56 – The challenges with making that change and getting used to Ottoneu

21:44 – What Raymond likes most about Ottoneu

24:08 – The importance of paying attention late in the year plus the $1 per roster spot rule

32:02 – Diving into some of Raymond’s players, starting with Evan Carter

37:16Joe Musgrove’s first five starts have been bad, again.

43:59Jared Jones is just an ace now, right?

49:18 – Are you still waiting on Christian Encarnacion-Strand and Nolan Schanuel?

58:31 – The return of the Ottoneu Question of the Day – why no CI spot? Plus should Ottoneu points leagues change value of SB given the new rules?

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Chad Young

Chad is a long-time fantasy player and baseball fan, who learned to love the game watching 100 loss teams in the truly awful Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Chad writes Going Deep for Pitcher List and co-hosts the Keep or Kut podcast on the Pitcher List Podcast Network. Chad is also one of the creators of ottoneu and you can hear him on the Ottobot Podcast and read his work on FanGraphs.

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