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The Cubs won their latest edition of the Crosstown Classic last night in dramatic fashion. Mike Clevinger stifled the North Siders for seven innings, giving up a stingy three hits and two walks to go with seven strikeouts and a healthy zero runs. But then, in the eighth, Aaron Bummer gave up a solo shot to known power threat Nick Madrigal, before a walk and double-play kept the Cubs from generating any momentum.

On comes the new White Sox closer, Gregory Santos and well…things got out of hand pretty quickly. Cody Bellinger led off the bottom of the ninth lacing a double out to center field, Dansby Swanson drew a walk, and Christopher Morel did that thing he does enjoy doing:

That’s gotta be one of the fastest home trots on record, but I want to call attention to what Bellinger did on the dinger, please pay attention to second base:

…also props to Dansy for not getting caught in the moment and making the ultimate TOOTBLAN. But anyway, back to Morel’s drive, have an amazing call from the Cubs Spanish language broadcast:

Oh, and with that win, the Cubs are the third NL Wild Card team, only one and a half games behind the Giants, and three games back of the NL Central-leading Brewers. ?

Damn Yankees

Winning baseball games looks fun. The Yankees wouldn’t know. After a sweep at the hands of the Braves they’re 60-61, which is almost a historically bad spot for the franchise:

I told our very own Chrystal O’Keefe the other day that it seemed like this may be the year the Yankees finally finish the season under .500, even though they somehow managed to avoid that fate for the entirety of the 2010s with a roster that causes me to wince reflexively when I remember it most days. Sorry, I’m posting through it here. Yankees bad, so what.

LA Streakin’

So, that’s 10 wins in a row for the Dodgers, who are now 14-1 in August. It was career win 208 for Clayton Kershaw, and Mookie Betts got to meet a small horse:

They currently sit nine and a half games up in the NL West. I dunno why we ever doubted it, honestly.


Best Moments From Yesterday


Right In The Noot

I got a notification on my phone this afternoon that Lars Nootbaar had gone from Healthy to Day-To-Day and will admit I did not expect this to be the context:

I would feel worse about making jokes here if the trainer who came out to look at him wasn’t also holding back a laugh.

Also means I get to post this again. OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Casual Thievery

Any of you heard about this Fernando Tatis Jr. kid?

That’s a straight steal of home with enough time that there wasn’t even a throw. No throw from the pitcher to the catcher, the two people whose only job is to throw the ball to each other with alacrity. Tatito stole a pair of bags last night, bringing him up to 22 on the season and 74 for his career, although this does actually mark the first time he’s stolen home. Hopefully not the last, though. I would say Mike Baumann picked a good time to remark upon his offensive prowess for FanGraphs…

The Home Run That Was?

The Rays beat the Giants 6-1 yesterday, and one of those six runs came from one of the more improbable methods I’ve seen. A Luke Raley stand-up inside-the-park(?) home run that didn’t involve an error?!

I’ve seen some weird bounces, and even written up a couple, but nothing like that. The Rays have scuffled a bit and lost pretty much their entire rotation, but they are still only two games behind the O’s…

Dumpin’ On Em

Oh, you thought I wasn’t going to take an opportunity to talk about Cal Raleigh today? You mean, don’t write about BIG DUMPER? Have you met me?!

Well, in the top of the first in KC yesterday, he hit this absolute laser dinger:

Which on its own isn’t really moment-worthy, to be honest. But the milestone that Dumpshot represents is…something:

The fastest to 50 HRs since Alex Rodriguez. And A-Rod only beat him there by two games! Here’s to many more dingers from






Marcus Stroman was not activated when eligible and has been diagnosed with a right rib cartilage fracture, and there’s no timetable for a return right now.

Lars Nootbaar left the game yesterday with a “lower abdomen contusion” and is currently listed as DTD.


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