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Today’s Headlines


Rooted In Oakland?

It’s been a rough season to be an A’s fan. Ownership gutted the team and it running a squad out there that has produced the league’s worst record and run differential this season while also raising ticket prices in hopes of more or less extorting a relocation or new stadium off the back of “Well nobody shows up to our games clearly this isn’t working!” The A’s are a historical franchise with a dedicated fanbase and it’s utterly shameful that they’re being treated this way, but there may be some good news on the horizon:

This is only the latest in a seemingly endless series of bureaucratic maneuvering that has surrounded the potential new stadium sites in Oakland, but without this approval for the Howard Terminal site from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the whole project would have been dead in the water. There’s still a long road ahead for the new ballpark, but this seems like a pretty good sign that the A’s will remaining Oakland rather than move to sunny Las Vegas as the rumors were suggesting. Hopefully, they haven’t burned their fanbase too badly at this point doing it…


Hit ‘Em Up

It was a very big day for a couple of batters yesterday, including Cubs rookie sensation Christopher Morel:

The Cubs pretty soundly blew out the Reds last night, winning 15-7, and Morel got to hit that 440-footer off of OF Max Schrock, although Schrock has pitched one or more innings in each of the last three seasons. Ohtani better look out…

Meanwhile, in another NL Central battle, it was Michael Perez who was lighting up the scoreboard for the Pirates:

That’s a pair of two-run shots and a solo, with the solo ending up as the difference in the game. I don’t want to overstate the competitiveness of that division, since all that production moved the Pirates and Cubs to uh, 31 and 30 wins on the year respectively, but sometimes losing clubs can have a rad offensive explosion from a player for a night, as a treat.


Best Moments From Yesterday


A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Ice Cream

It’s been pretty hot in Cleveland lately, both in the ballpark as the Guardians have won 20 of their last 30 games and are currently only one game behind the Twins for the division lead, but also just in general (while still uh, technically being in the ballpark) as this young fan can attest:

As a guy who likes ice cream a lot and hates being sticky, this kid is living my dream and nightmare simultaneously, but he’s stepping up his approach with aplomb, not giving an inch to the dastardly sun as it tries to deny him his just desserts. Ok wow, that was kind of a lot, but if you’ll allow me one more ridiculous/groan-worthy joke, might I just ask Jomboy: is that kid in an fWAR or bWAR with said ice cream? GET IT?! BASEBALL!!!!!


Logan’s Superhuman Reflexes

I don’t know enough about the X-Men to make a real reference here but I know Wolverine’s real name is Logan and he has good reflexes, right? Well so does Logan Gilbert:

(Please note that for a little extra pizazz you are invited to pronounce his name as if it was a French word, ie Jeel-bair. Give it a try, it’s fun.)

But anyway, sometimes you catch the ball, and sometimes the ball catches you, and I reckon Gilbert is happy that he recorded the out in either case. The M’s looked on track to join the Cubs and Phillies in Blowout Thursday Land but ended up winning their matchup with the A’s  by a tighter 8-6 line, and while Gilbert only tallied three strikeouts on the night, he still joined some pretty good company:


The Raleigh Rally

Sticking in Seattle, the M’s won thanks in part to catcher Cal Raleigh’s very normal, incredibly expected home run* in the fifth inning, which you can see here:

*Triple plus E4, although if we’re nitpicking it should probably be a double plus E4 since Cal wasn’t exactly headed for a close play at third here…

I don’t think Cal was quite ready for that outcome when he stepped up to the plate and needed a little assistance getting back to his feet once he reached home plate

And I always appreciate seeing this type of thing because as a woefully out-of-shape dude who plays slow pitch softball, I can definitely relate. Say it with me, MLB players: They’re just like us! Raleigh hit a clean double into the RF corner later on in the game as well, so I just hope he got a good night’s sleep after all of this.


The Legend Of Votto

Here’s something that’s gonna truly shock you: Joey Votto did something cool, fun, and nice at the game yesterday! I know, I’m also still trying to figure it out since that’s totally not what we all expect from him every day.

If you can go into Wrigley and get a high-ten from a Cubs fan after you hit a dinger against them I’m pretty sure that makes you de facto one of the most accomplished diplomats on the planet. Also if you missed it, despite a putrid start to the season, Votto currently has a 106 wRC+ for 2022. The man is a gem.





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